A Celebratory Trip to Sum’s Kitchen & Hong Kong Roasted Meat

I seem to be making a visit bit by bit to restaurants and eateries I last went to two years ago. My most recent 2 year anniversary visit was to Pu Tien, and this time round its back to Sum’s Kitchen & Hong Kong Roasted Meat restaurant at Jalan Legundi, just opposite Sembawang Shopping Centre. I was a late discoverer of the place, and I was recommended to it by the two lady bosses of Peach Garden Veronica and Angela back then.

My friends were there to celebrate out long time buddy, Anthony’s 21st birthday over a homely lunch where all of us childhood friends would sit together and dine to rejoice. And to think about it, this was the first visit for some of the guys, even though we all just stay so close to the place.

Of course, the most memorable dish there then would be the Roasted Duck. We ordered the whole roast duck at $36, and it just looked so good when the dish arrived on the table. Crispy golden and shiny skin, with the meat glistening with juices, it was good. I enjoyed the sweet savoury tastes from the meat, and with a light flavour of game, each piece goes very well with the hot steamed rice, chilli dip, or sweet plum sauce provided.

Strangely, this time round there wasn’t the ginger spring onion dip, which I only came to realise they served when I visited my writeup about it then.

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