Himawari Japanese Restaurant, A Smile like A Sunflower!

Its been a very long time since I went back to Himawari Japanese Buffet Restaurant. Back then the restaurants were at its Neil Road and Mt Faber locations catering an excellent spread of Japanese a-la-carte dishes in its buffet. The sashimi, fresh and thick, and the tempura which I remember vividly for having a good crisp batter with a light yet deep savoury taste within. Its all good food, and the simple Japanese restaurant setting simply sets the scene.

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The restaurants have since moved to Alexandra Road and Changi Business Park, and having recently discovered the place again a few months back, I was keen to make a return trip to one of my favourite Japanese buffets since my first adventure into the place. This post is also me saying goodbye Singapore for a week, as I’ll be heading to Tohoku, Japan for a Cultural Exchange Immersion under the Youth Ambassadors for Tohoku Programme organised by the Japan National Tourism Organisation (JNTO) and Japanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry(Singapore). It’ll be an 8 day affair where 100 university students will witness the recovery efforts on the ground, and also experience that many of Japan’s popular places to visit are back in action.


Me with the rest of the Students from Group A Team 3. Photo Credits : Ngo Bang Lin

It will be an exchange of cultures as all the students will get to interact with students from the Tohoku and Tokyo University, as well as partaking in the Tanabata festival (Japanese Star Festival) in Sendai. I believe that there will be many experiences to be gained, and through the short trip, I’ll try my best to post some pictures online for all to share with.

But for a Japan experience in Singapore, I think the closest one can get to is its food. After all, Japanese food really is a culture by itself, and one that many will I believe, love to appreciate.

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