Local Delights Infused with a Korean touch!


I guess what I did last Saturday might be considered sacrilegious to the true blue fans of local cuisine. But as far as fusion cuisine goes, I guess that I do have a bit of a leeway, especially since everything tastes just as good, and if possibly, better!

Imagine Chicken rice being served with kimchi. And the spicy lipsmacking chilli dip that goes along is actually an infusion of Korean Pork Bulgogi sauce melded together with chilli, garlic, ginger and lime juice. Not forgetting the traditional favourite popiah where the turnips are forgone and replaced with Korean Sweet Potato glass noodles. And it is as exciting as it sounds. For this is a new take on local dishes with Korean delights as created by Chef Mervyn from Cookyn with Mervyn!

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Around De World – A Pasta Affair Excites Tastebuds with New Menu!


Chilli O’ Crab Penne Pasta

Its that time of year again when new delights arouse the senses. And for Around De World – A Pasta Affair, a plethora of new items are being introduced to the menu. Previously, my visit to Around De World was a spur of the moment while browsing the alley at Liang Seah Street. At that time, I only ordered the house specialty “Curry Up My Life”. It was not your ordinary fare and I was keen to try out more. Who knew that just in a few months after my last visit, the menu has been extended to cater to and excite even more tastebuds.

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4 Hotels, 4 Buffets, 4 Magical Feasts

IMG_2812 IMG_2838 IMG_2839 IMG_2814

It is once again the month of November, and with it comes the early Prelude on what to expect for Christmas. In the Gourmet’s world, this heralds the celebratory mood of the season with feasts all around, sweets in beautiful rainbow colours, large platters of roasts, and the never ending flow of buffets.

This Christmas buffet season, 4 Hotels – Crowne Plaza Changi Airport; Holiday Inn Atrium Singapore, Holiday Inn Orchard City Centre and Intercontinental Singapore, gave the media a sneak preview of highlights, the chefs’ creation, and what joyful goodies to expect and savour.

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The Cafe Indulge – Affordable prices for fusion cuisine


It was quite an experience watching The Social Network. Knowing about the history of Facebook and how the work was created through a series of partnership, ideas, accusations and breakouts, seem to be rather ironic when the web application itself is about networking people together. Well after the movie, the group of us, Kevin, Tau Herng, Derrick, Jerome, William, and Yue Yang went to The Cafe Indulge for some savoury meals after all that popcorn. And having been there before, my fingers were crossed that it would be good for everyone.

Yue Yang had the Black Pepper Chicken Chop with 2 free side dishes of Roasted potato and salad. The dish looked very nicely contrasted in colours. Flavour wise, the chop was good and tender though admittedly the roasted potato gets boring after a while. $9.90 a serving.

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Around De World For A Pasta Affair


I have never really explored Bugis thoroughly before and believe me, my breath was quite taken away when I adventured through the backdoor of Bugis Junction into Liang Seah Street.

From where I stood, it seemed like an endless row of shophouses with restaurants, cafes, dessert shops all decorating the ground floor. And imagine my joy when I found a little pasta shoppe called Around De World.


Woof Woof, Welcome!

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Cafe Indulge Presents, Glocalized Fusion Cuisine


When I think of “Indulge”, an immediate thought of excessiveness hits the mind. But when it comes to Cafe Indulge, the definition tweaks a little, and in a moment of epiphany, excessiveness is in name only and that sometimes it is good to keep coming back for more.

IMG_9205 IMG_9154IMG_9228 IMG_9210

In today’s lunch, there are a total of 7 dishes to be presented. 3 of which are going to be featured in the new menu that Cafe Indulge is producing. The cuisine style and focus of Chef Kelvin Chua is along the lines of Italian/European with the Midas touch for local flavours that while refreshingly new is so surprisingly familiar and comforting.

Indulgence? Let it begin.

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