Savour These Delicious TCC “Onigiri” Rice Dumplings this Dumpling Festival!

For the second year running, The Connoisseur Concerto (TCC) marks Dragon Boat Festival (30 May 2017) with a creative take on traditional Chinese rice dumplings. TCC blends at least three cultures in its 2017 rendition of rice dumplings, available only in May 2017 at all TCC boutique cafes. In traditional Chinese fashion, the sticky rice dumplings are wrapped in large, flat leaves. But in a Japanese-inspired twist, the dumplings take on triangular shapes and feature “hotate” (‘scallop’ in Japanese) in one of its three options. And to top off its eclectic cross-cultural offering, TCC has introduced an all-new Singaporean laksa prawn flavour, on top of familiar local favourites spicy chic(ken) and sambal hotate.

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