Mongkok Dim Sum, Excellently Delicious at Geylang Lor 8


The budget Dim Sum place. I am sure many are interested in finding one. And perhaps the place at Mongkok Dim Sum might even come close. My visit to the coffeeshop restaurant at Geylang Lorong 8 last Sunday was amidst the sweltering heat and obnoxious weather which showed no sign of relenting its tormenting rays. But that journey was well worth it, with a my fix for dim sum being addressed and happily entertained with a serving of beautifully Steamed Pork Belly with Preserved vegetable.

Mongkok Dim Sum

Juicy, fresh, and very well done. I think this place deserves a second visit, perhaps even more!

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The Bountiful Feast At The Marriott’s Wan Hao


Today is a special day for all mums. In many countries around the world, the second Sunday of May is dedicated to honour this tireless lady for all her contributions that she has done for the society, the family, and for the child that she has placed all her efforts in raising.

IMG_6210 IMG_6488-1 IMG_6504-1

And for me personally, I celebrated Mother’s Day with a lunch buffet feast at the Singapore Marriott Hotel Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant. Tucked away in a cozy little corner on the third floor, the restaurant’s main entrance prominently shines with the engraved artwork of Chinese calligraphy.

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The Fullerton Hotel Presents, Jade


Jade, the choice of name for a Fine Dining Chinese restaurant is perhaps one of the most apt. While not overly exorbitant in sheer adjectives, the term alone leaves a sense of fineness, mystique, glimmer and most importantly, class.

And it is the place of choice for my 20th birthday where I celebrated it with my family and most importantly my two grandmothers. Already in their twilight years, they are just like the fine pieces of shimmering green with its robust features and cool textures. And I must say that for my 20th birthday, this has been a very special moment.

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$2 Dim Sum. Hwa Nam Restaurant.


I have always wanted to go try out the dim sum stall along Thomson Road. And I made it a special point today to visit it after my morning exercise with my buddies. It was all planned out. Each person were to come out no more than $6, and we get to share all the food we ordered. Not too bad if you want to get your early morning fix for affordable dim sum.

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Sunday’s Buffet Brunch At Hai Tien Lo


Today’s Sunday Times Lifestyle section ran an article on the numerous buffet brunches in Singapore and how it was catching up as an icon of the generation. Mum spotted the little box on the who’s who’s brunches in the country till her eye became fixated on the the offering from Hai Tien Lo. The fantasy of Bird’s Nest Egg Tarts and Lobster Dumplings were simply stomach cravers that were too tempting to simply pass by.

_MG_4683 IMG4535IMG4530 IMG4672

We first called the restaurant  at 1045 to see if we could make a reservation at 1130, but unbeknown to us, the establishment was already full and seats were pre-“choped” (reserved) in true Singaporean fashion. Yet, my mum left her name to the manager with hope and crossed fingers, just in case if there were patrons who finished early. True enough, we managed to get some decent seats at 1pm to a view that was simply breathtaking and marvelous.

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