Cafe Oliv, One Cod Burger, One Lamb Shank – Delight!

31st Oct Cafe Oliv

Mini Cod Burger & Crab Dumplings

Food tasting sessions are probably some of the best dinners ever to have. Not only do you get to eat good food, but you also get to meet fellow foodies congregating together in one packed restaurant where everyone has a common interest one way or another.


Today’s dinner brought me to Cafe Oliv, where the SistaFooD girls hosted their first food tasting gathering. The crowd consisted of close friends, family and also food bloggers such as Brad (LadyIronChef) and Harris (The Simplest Aphrodisiac). For many of us, it was our first time at Cafe Oliv, and many were anticipating to that fine piece of Brownie topped with ice cream which was so much raved about!

Just a note, our dishes are all “tasting portions” so the amount you see is smaller than what you will get if you order it from the menu. Also, many of the dishes are new creations and may not be available currently. So for now, feast your eyes on the gracious delight. Chef and Owner Kelvin was also at hand to serve, cook and explain to us the exquisiteness and style of each dish.


Tender goodness of the Lamb Shank

The most prominent dish of the day would to my opinion be the Lamb Shank. Extremely tender, with the meat oh so crumbly in the mouth. It was tasty yet almost neutral in touch, complementing well with the subtle hint of lamb that shrieks delight when the thin layer of fat hits the tongue. The best part? Pair each slice of meat with the thick mushroom infused sauce to reveal a savoury and delightful combination!

$18.90 grabs you a huge chunk with the bone on it and a dallop of smooth mashed potatoes.

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