CHIJMES SUN Japanese Dining, Immerse in the Culinary Exquisiteness of Kyushu


SUN Japanese Dining is proud to present the culinary goodness for this special season varied ingredients and dishes from the region of Kyushu. A gourmet experience through and through, the special menu in addition to the existing repertoire, is available for all guests at the CHIJMES outlet from the 16th of November 2012.  Highlights from the prefectures of Miyazaki, Fukuoka, Saga and Oita will make their appearance under the expertise of Executive Chef Toshio Sawai. And for something as delightful as the Kinmedai & Mentai Chazuke (the picture above), I feel ready for a treat all over again.

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Extra Virgin Pizza – Heavenly Pistachio, Luxurious Crust!

Hands down – the best pizza yet! Yes, when I took the first whiff as the Pistachio Pizza arrived onto the table, my senses picked up something awesome. And as I took the first chew, the crust was crisp, soft, tender, elastic and light such that the flavours of the yeast and caramelised white sugar revealed themselves slowly. Simple toppings of Arugula, mozzarella and pistachio pesto, it was a luxurious combination altogether in flavours of savoury, sea salt salinity, and a warmth unexplainable. And this is Extra Virgin Pizza.

IMG_9942 IMG_9950

I simply had to begin this post with a description of the best pizza I’ve had yet. A pizzeria that is apart from the norm with only alfresco dining options and the interior dedicated solely to the kitchen, huge oven and staff. Located at the heart of the city at Asia Square, Marina View, Extra Virgin Pizza is the place to be to satisfy that craving for a portion of chewy pizza with a delightful flavour and simplicity all around.

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Melt – The World Cafe Mothers’ Day Sunday Brunch Buffet with Champagne

“I want to hold your hand,” so says the child to the lady standing over him. The momentous machine of metal and silver rushed past in a breeze. Hair flipping in the wind, the noise of the engine rumbled to its peak, then fading away silently. Hands tightened and well deep into the bigger palm, a gulp, a tiny gulp, and a quavering voice, “I want to hold your hand, mummy. Let’s cross the street.”

In a crowded world out there, where the noise is above the rumble, there are moments all around where there is a need for a special thanksgiving. Its been a very long time since I last wrote a narrative, regardless how short. But this time, I think its fitting as we celebrate the occasion of all great mothers around. In all its traditionalistic sense, mums play a very important role in the family. While dads give that firm touch in their deep voices, in a comforting assuring way, mums bind the family together with their sensitive care, motherly sacrifices and endearment.

Mothers’ Day is the day in which the life and giving of all mums are celebrated and recognized, and many families will have their own programme to rejoice and give thanks. My way this year’s Mothers’ Day was to bring my mum, grandma and dad to Melt – The World Cafe at the Mandarin Oriental for their magnificent Sunday Brunch Buffet with Champagne. For all its full spleandour in the spirit of the occasion, a toast and a chink of a glass full of the bubbly is well deserved.

Fingers locked, and one hand over the other, each step is a slow one. The wisp of silver white floating airily make a beautiful picture of the autumn evening. And as everything comes to a standstill, with only the green man giving its full attention, the pair make their way across. The hobbles are arduous but the support is momentous. Slightly wrinkled skin are now a present of what was the past. Hands tightened and well deep into the bigger palm, a firm voice, in all its comforting strength, “Mum, we have crossed the street.”

Presenting Melt – The World Cafe Mothers’ Day Sunday Brunch Buffet.

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Hippopotamus, For The Love of Meat at the French Steakhouse!

What’s the difference between a good ol’ American steakhouse and a French steakhouse, I guess one of the distinguishing factors would be the dishes that are served along with the steaks. But when it comes to steaks, Hippopotamus Restaurant Grill serves a pretty decent spread of specialties from Prime Rib, Heart of Sirloin, Rump, Sirloin, Top Sirloin, Ribeye, T bone, Tenderloin “Chateaubriand” and even “discovery” pieces known as the Hanger Steak or the Skirt Steak. And that is only one section of the whole menu.

I was pretty fascinated by the selected choices from the Starters menu as well. Quite thorough European flair with Hot Goat Cheese Salad, Cretan Salad or Beef Carpaccio with Goat Cheese, and for something more classical, there is the Bone Marrow, Escargots, Foie Gras and the all popular French Onion Soup.

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Yet Con Hainanese Chicken Rice – A Serving of Tradition Stuck In Time


Walking past by Yet Con at Purvis Street, anyone would be immediately impressed on by the two pillars with red “inscribings” of the shop’s description on the wall. Loud and distinctive, it is as though a hallmark of the past is made conspicuously apparent in the present.

Simplicity is key at Yet Con. Big bold letters  is pasted on the restaurant’s doors, and peering in, it is all a crowd with many cramped around the tables with perhaps a little too many people but everyone enjoying a meal of traditional Hainanese fare. Everything just seems retro here, from the simple layout, to the coin phone, to the spritely white hair (though) balding uncle in his pajamas pants behind the counter with a giant abacus by the side and little scribbles representing the orders and your receipt.


 My Order, My Receipt. Interesting?

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Canele, Artisan Sweets and Delectable Savouries


Beef braised in Red Wine

Raffles City Shopping Centre has revamped its subterranean shopping level, to the scale of more dining options and redesigned shops of previous tenants. When I first visited the mall last month, I was definitely impressed. A refreshed feeling to the entire basement. And its hard not to notice the restaurant standing prominently with counters around it like a castle within its own walls. Canele, a name familiar for their artisan sweets and desserts, is one that has undergone a change. Decorated in refined fashion of majestic pink striped walls and red chairs, I felt instinctively attracted to that gem like atmosphere.

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