TAB – Orchard Road’s Newest Live Music & Dining Scene!


Orchard Road’s nightlife just got better with the latest addition to the Live Music scene. TAB, a live music dining experience featuring international and local artistes, opened its doors to the public and now with the launch of a full dinner and cocktail menu, it is definitely a place to chill out and satisfy that tummy and music crave.

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Bar ready to serve , Fried Whitebait, Fried Calamari, Fish & Chips

Located at Orchard Hotel, TAB is a mid sized concert venue which can hold up to 600 people on the floor. And the complements between music and food is encouraged amongst guests and diners here. With a full range menu featuring bar bites, delectable entrees and creative cocktails, there is something for everyone.

A tasting range of cocktails and specialties of the menu were introduced last night. With dishes inspired by the directors’ fondness of American cuisine, familiar items such as the Cinnamon Sugar Cheese Tortilla and burgers were on the menu.


The Cinnamon Sugar Cheese Tortilla ($10) is what I will call a temptation in a wrap. Sugar and cheese are wonderfully decadent ingredients and mixing them together is definitely hard not to like. Chewy with the scent of cinnamon whisking here and there, this would definitely be good.


The Buffalo Wings ($12) are probably of a level 1 with the mildest of mildest spicy sauce smeared all over. The sauce is good though I guess after leaving it in the open for a tad too long, the crispiness of each wing was a mild soggy. Still, the zesty bbq flavour is good all over.

IMG_3548Fried Whitebait ($13) itself has a sweet taste, and the batter which TAB uses to coat each piece also hints of a sugary sweetness. Crispy and yet chunky, this were irresistible for the table.


Fried Calamari ($12) were sliced calamari onion rings style. Good if you like the seafood savouriness to go along with that beer.


Moving on to the mains, the first was the TAB Burger ($16). Admittedly, this is one of the best burgers I have tasted. With a patty that is very very juicy and well seasoned, albeit with a slightly strong taste of herbs, this was juiciness padded between two crisp halves of a bun. Little sauce is needed, and all focus lies on the meat. It is hard not to take a second bite.

And the accompaniment of fries were unique in their own way. Slightly sweet on the outside, with a crisp overall texture, the filling was tender and starchy within. Very good, and when paired with the tangy sweet thai chilli sauce, very good.


The Chicken Parmigiana ($18) described on the menu as Breaded chicken breast oven-baked with a topping of marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese reminded me of that lovely tomato and cheese pizza although with a meaty poultry base. A little saltish and strong in umami flavours, this was one filling dish for the tummy.


Fish & Chips ($16) make an appearance on the menu here. Battered with Negra Modela beer, the resultant effect is a very crispy piece of deep fried battered fish. The serving comes along with a side of fries and the house own curry mayonnaise dip, one that resembles closely to coarse curry with a spicy and sweet aftertaste.


The final main for trying was the Seafood Marinara Pasta ($20). The serving of linguine presented with marinara sauce and generous chunks of seafood was an eye catcher. It was slightly spicy with a good blend of tomatoes and herbs, though I will have to admit it was a tad oily after the first try.IMG_3589

First Wives’ Club, Charlie Brown, Fan-tab-ulous,  Hansel & Gretel

A sample range of 5 cocktails were presented throughout the night.


Caipirinha De Maracuja – Passion Fruit Cairinha ($18) – Citrusy with flavours from fresh limes and golden-ripe passionfruit, the classic caipirinha makes a light touch for conversations.


First Wives’ Club & Fan-tab-ulous

First Wives’ Club ($18) – A blend of bourbon, mangoes and rose, this cocktail was bright and orangey with a very strong aftertone of liquor.

Fan-tab-ulous ($15) – A very nice way to start the evening, the blend of gin, cucumber and elderflower gives a light touch and crystal taste.


Hansel & Gretel ($18) – A union of fruits, jam, cream and vodka gives the illusion of a very chocolaty cocktail. Instead, I was left with a sweet blend with a smooth finish.


Charlie Brown ($18) – Described as the perennial underdog in daily life, TAB delights in its tribute of smooth peanut butter and vanilla, spiked with a good dose of vodka.






TAB along Orchard Road provides a nice getaway once the sky gets dark. Its intimate setting makes it a place to mingle with the international and local artistes who perform. And the service from three full bars in addition to a menu range of mains marks the gastropub as another stop to visit either with friends or family alike. A chill place to hang out and definitely one with the soulful life of music.

Thank You Kimberly and Vivian from Fulford Publications for the invitation.

Thank you Adrian and Varian from TAB for hosting the event.

441 Orchard Road
#02-29 Orchard Hotel
Entrance is through ground floor next to Orchard Delfi
Opens From :
Mon (Closed)
Tues to Thurs : 5pm-1am
Fri to Sat : 5pm – 3am
Sun : 5pm – 1am
*Dinner served till 10pm

Website :