Szechuan Court, Fairmont Singapore Unveils New Menu!


Szechuan Court’s menu is up for a refresh! Located at the Fairmont Singapore, the hotel’s residential Chinese restaurant with a focus on Szechuan and Cantonese flavours, will see new offerings on the menu that will aim to offer a little something more for regulars. Highlights include the Crispy Wok-fried Cod Fillet with Dried Chilli, the Braised Deer Tendons with Carrots and Dried Chilli and an interesting creation of Crispy Fried Pork and Mushroom Lotus Root Cake.


I was first presented with a trio Dim Sum Platter. Start off with the Golden Mini Bun Stuffed with Beancurd and Minced Pork in Hot Bean Chilli Sauce for that savoury burst of flavours in a crispy man tou shell. A humble creation that is easily a crowd pleaser.


I was more impressed with the Crispy Pork and Mushroom Lotus Root Cake Topped with Barbecue Sauce (3 pieces at $6.80++). While the dim sum looked rather ordinary, the first bite into it revealed a nutty and fragrant interior. The lotus roots were crisp yet tender, with the pork intensifying the flavours while adding to the slightly creamy interior. Delectable. For something a little lighter, there is also the Saffron Bamboo Shoot Prawn Dumpling (3 pieces at $8.80++), although it would be easily underwhelmed with the stronger lotus root flavours.


Chef Mok’s signature Double-boiled Bird’s Nest Chicken Soup ($48++) would appeal to those looking for a tranquil and calm delight before the next, heavier entree. The ingredients, brewed for six hours, is targeted towards the health conscious although personally I would prefer a selection that carried a more robust and accented flavour. This was a little too light for me.


For something a little more lavish, there is the newly created Braised Chicken and Mini Abalone in Mild Chilli Shallot Sauce ($46/69/92++).


The next dish of Crispy Wok-fried Cod Fillet with Dried Chilli ($48/72/96++) is another recommendation from me. The cod, oily yet firm, is presented in wholesome slices that are lightly crisp on the outside with each piece well flavoured with chilli and other spices. A simple yet nicely done execution of cod.


Guests who love tendons will be pleased to know that the restaurant now serves Braised Deer Tendons with Carrots and Dried Chilli served in Claypot ($38/57/76++). This traditional Cantonese dish is given a Szechuan uptake with the inclusion of additional spices and dried chillies for a more peppery and lasting flavour. As tendons take a very long time to cook in order to achieve its soft and gelatinous nature, this was one dish well enjoyed through and through.


The Wok-Fried Fish Noodle with Shredded Beef and Black Pepper was a personal surprise for me. It has never occurred to me to use fish paste moulded in stringy lengths, and thereafter cut to be cooked as noodles. Therefore, when this dish first arrived, I regarded it as noodles with black pepper beef. If I didn’t have the menu beside me, I would have imagined the noodles to be exceptionally springy and flavourful for what would normally be a composition of egg and flour. However, now that I know of its fishy origins, this creation is great for those enjoying something a little different yet presented as a classic.


Wolfberry Osmanthus Crystal Jelly Cake




The new dishes on the menu at Szechuan Court is a good addition to regulars who would like to see something different on the menu. For first-timers, the dishes will aim to please tastebuds in traditional and familiar settings, with nothing too out of the ordinary. There were definitely certain highlights like the lotus root and deer tendons which I would recommend anyone who is visiting, to order. A charming place, with a classy ambience although the name of the place does not entirely reflect is spicy and flavourful origins.

Thank you Fairmont Singapore for the invitation

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