Sushi Tei Takashimaya, Rekindle the Japanese Culinary Experience!

Sushi Tei at Takashimaya, Ngee Ann City is back after moving to a larger space on the fifth floor directly opposite Seoul Garden. To celebrate the reopening, Sushi Tei at Ngee Ann City is featuring a “We Are Back” promotional menu with exclusive highlights only available at the Orchard restaurant. Available now till the end of July, the promotional menu includes an assortment of tempting delights like the Chasyu Don (media portion pictured above) and the Kurenai Roll.

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In addition to the We Are Back (WAB) promotional menu, certain specialties from the a la carte menu were also brought out to dinner. The Ika Okura ($5.20) , a perhaps acquired combination of slimy ladies finger and squid is remarkably refreshing, salty sweet and savoury. While it might not appeal to all, this is one delectable appetizer to begin with a crunch.


The next combination of Zuwai Kani Pitan Tofu (WAB $6) is a cross between Japanese and Chinese cuisine in developing out the sixth umami flavour. The real showgrabber for this dish is the greyish silver century egg yolk sauce that surrounds the soft tofu like a moat. It is sweet with a nutty flavour, bridled at the end with a lasting hearty aftertaste. Topping of crab meat, flying fish roe and minced century egg is really more for presentation colours.


Up next, the Vietnam Harumaki (WAB $8). The maki takes on a new face with this Vietnamese inspired creation featuring Crab Meat and Avocado. Refreshing, but quite ordinary.


Something that stood out for the night is the Kaisen Ramen Salad ($16, Media portion depicted above). This seafood salad, a combination of salmon, scallop, salmon roe, cold ramen, crab meat and an assortment of veggies, is complemented with a selection from three salad dressings – Sushi Tei Dressing, Wafu Dressing and Sesame Dressing. The Sushi Tei Dressing was the best for me as it carried hints of garlic throughout while giving a tangy slightly sweet refreshing afterflavour.  The Wafu dressing was a little sweeter with what I thought could be onions. The Sesame dressing, creamy and slightly oily.


The Kurenai Roll (WAB $12) appeared on the table looking extremely delish. While I thought it was a decent maki creation, I really would have loved it if the mango within were more brought out to play. Also, the choice of red prawn called perhaps been substituted for Amaebi or deep fried further till a real crisp such that the entire prawn can be enjoyed.


The Kani Mentai Mayo Roll ($8) would probably strike as one of the favourites on the Singapore diner’s menu. I strongly suspect that anything with Mentai is a clear favourite as the creamy cod fish roe blend presents such a lovely texture and hearty flavour that it goes well with local tastebuds. Emphasis is more towards the mentai than the crab meat stuffed within, although both ingredients are good complements to each other.


I was quite surprised when I saw the Kinchaku Age (WAB $6) as this is more of a Chinese dish known as “moneybags”. Still, it was a decent take with a crispy skin, and meaty filling of crab meat and pork.


Another clear favourite for the night is the Crispy Ebi Mentai Mayo ($11). This creation of deep fried shitake mushroom topped with prawn and mentai, later flame torched till a beautiful colour before adorned with flying fish roe is appealing in both taste and visual aesthetics. The earthy sublime flavours of the shitake was a nice contrast to the heaviness from the cream and paired well with the prawn.


For a fish dish to please, there is the Karei Saikyo Duke ($15). A fillet block of flat fish is grilled with saikyo miso paste till a slight brown and charred at the edges. The results? A smoky sweet flavour oily fish with a crumbly meat texture that leaves a satisfying “ahh”. While I would normally associated saikyo miso with cod, this is a wonderful creation as well.


The Hotate Miso Mayo ($9.80) is another take of salty miso paired with creamy mayo and then onto a serving of sweet scallop.


Sushi Tei is also featuring an Early Summer Seasonal Menu from now till August. One dish I ordered from the season menu was the Ayu Shioyaki ($15), grilled sweetfish with salt. The grilling appeared to be very nicely done with a crisp golden skin and charred edges here and there on the fish. But while I was looking for a slightly sweeter fish, the intensity of subtle sweetness only appeared after slowly allowing the meat to breakdown for a slightly longer time on the tongue. Still, a nice fish to enjoy and peck away.


The Chasyu Don (WAB $9, media portion depicted above) was a clear thumbs up from me. Little extravagant ingredients, just good Japanese rice, fatty slices of charred chasyu, and piece of molten egg in the centre before everything is drizzled with special sweet sauce. I hope that this dish goes onto the regular a la carte menu so I can have another reason to visit Sushi Tei again =D


The Uni Sushi ($16), decently fresh and creamy though not as clear and crisp. Definitely an acquired flavour.


WAB Desserts of Healthy Yuzu Yogurt Parfait ($7.80); Matcha Azuki Shiratama Parfait ($8.80) and Strawberry Mille-Feuille Parfait ($7.80)

Nice creations, though I cannot bring myself to call it a parfait in its entirety.


Shiyo and Black Sesame Ice Cream ($3.40 ea) – Delicious!


Sushi Counter Seats


Its great to see that Sushi Tei is back at Ngee Ann City, bringing about a wider offering of Japanese delights for all guests. The spread is extensive to begin with, and now with the seasonal and We Are Back menu, I would say that the choices are dazzling. While the We Are Back Menu is more of a cross culture creation with international flavours, I would say that the most outstanding of the spread is the Chasyu Don with its clear clean caramelized savoury flavours. Looking forward to my next visit back at Sushi Tei =D

Thank you Sixth Sense and Sushi Tei for the invitation

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