Supernature! Organic Food In The City

Located along the exquisite district of Orchard Boulevard and directly opposite The Regent Singapore lies a cozy little supermarket, SuperNature. As the name suggests, organic food grown by nature’s loving hands is up for sale here and to the few organic supermarkets I have been to yet, this is one of the biggest and carries a very wide range of products.

Every last Sunday of the month, SuperNature has a Sunday Samplers event. Last month, the ingredient brought in was Organic Roast Leg of Lamb straight from the Rhug Estate in England.

IMG_8452 IMG_8449

The Sunday Sampler was sliced skillfully and portions were placed in miniature pieces of pita bread topped with tomato, arugula and a squeeze off the mayonnaise bottle. This is the same lamb as those used in the Four Seasons Hotel for their buffet, and I have to admit, the taste of the meat is definitely smoother, juicier, with a richer nutty flavour from within.

I was brought around the supermarket by Patricia and I have to admit that I am impressed by the wide array of fresh organic selections available here. A bit more pricey yes, but definitely organic.

They have a entire section dedicated to pasta and oils.


And even a freezer and cold section for all the frozen meats and chilled cheeses you need. I was particular interested in a spinach burger patty.

IMG_8471 IMG_8489 

Comparatively, I also did try some of their organic fruit and vegetable juices as recommended by Patricia. Surprisingly sweeter, the juices have a richer taste and somewhat more wholesome in nature.


And yes, another Organic foodstore on the list. Fresh, with a wide range of produce, I must admit that SuperNature is another “to visit” location. Try out their Sunday Samplers as an introduction into this natural realm, you might be surprised that you may start walking in the earth’s footsteps. Though I do agree that it is still pricey but for a good cause.

21 Orchard Boulevard

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