Start this Sweet Christmas with a treat from Da Paolo Gastronomia!


2013 is quickly coming to a close, and it has been an epic journey for me with many highs and lows throughout the months. Yet, I am grateful for all those who have been around me. It has made this journey especially meaningful and all the more thoughtful as I move forward to another year ahead. And as Christmas draws nearer, one is reminded of the beautiful things that the Lord has done and given us. Be it through happiness or sadness, he is always there by your side, helping you bear the cross to move on or to simply partake in the joy together with you.

Therefore, while Christmas tends to take on a more commercial spirit annually, perhaps it will also be good to remember the bigger meaning behind the season. As we engage with all the festivities, let us remember those who are unable to. As we savour the treats and sweets, let us remember what it means to also give. When the month is over, the Christmas spirit of love should not end with it.

‘Tis the beginning of my Christmas posts this year. To start off with something a little different from the traditional Christmas pies and log cakes is the Strawberry Chocolate Cornflake Festive Wreath ($28) from Da Paolo Gastronomia. Presented in festive pink with rustic nuts and berries scattered throughout, this cornflake treat is great and well meant to share with a large crowd. It can get a little sweet at times, but I would reckon a good mug of hot cocoa/milo would do the trick with every portion. To find out more about the festive goodies from Da Paolo, check out their website here.

Have a sweet and tender Christmas everyone!

Thank you Da Paolo Gastronomia for the treat