Special Menu at Jade Restaurant Till 8th Nov with Guest Executive Chef Lai Ching-Shing


From now till 8th November, Jade restaurant at the Fullerton Hotel will be host to Executive Chef Lai Ching-Shing of the One Michelin Star Cantonese restaurant YUE at Hong Kong’s City Garden Hotel. Together with Jade’s Master Chef Leong Chee Yeng, the culinary repertoire presented by the two masters is aptly titleed “A Culinary Feast of Two Cities”. In it, discover a medley of Chef Lai’s award winning creations such as the Steamed Minced Pork with Foie Gras and Scallops which received the Gold with Distinction Award at Hong Kong’s Tourism Board 2015 Best of the Best Culinary Awards. And of course, if you are a fan of Chef Leong’s cuisine, look out for his creations of a Nanyang inspired menu.

On top of a range of a la carte items, the menu will also present two sets at $118++ and $98++. The dishes featured here are those from the 6 course $98++ menu. Having an abalone was probably one of the most luxurious ways to start a dinner. For this first round of creations served, Chef Lai’s creation of a Chilled Fresh Abalone seasoned with Chinese Wine, plated with Cherry Tomatoes and served with a side of Pomelo Vinegar ($22++ per person a la carte) was exquisite to say the least. While it is seemingly ordinary looking, I was impressed with the abalone’s tenderness, its tinge of salinity and the dipping sauce made out of Pomelo Vinegar for an added zest of sweet tanginess. The cherry tomato by the side, although plain looking, was brimming with juices. A dish I truly enjoyed.


Next in the line up is a dish from Chef Leong’s menu – the Stir-fried sliced Garoupa with Truffle Egg White accompanied with Superior Fish Maw Broth ($32++ per person a la carte). This would have been a very good dish if not for the slightly haphazard plating. Also, while I did enjoy the subtle, sea sweet flavours from the garoupa, I thought the process of having the fish maw broth in every alternate mouthfuls was a little too messy for a consistent result and experience. Still, I do give a thumbs up for the delicately prepared egg white ball that is scented with truffle.


The award winning dish of Steamed Minced Pork with Foie Gras and Scallops ($32++ per person a la carte) is an excellent execution of flavour, but could do with much more to deliver a greater oomph. Presented in a hot stone bowl that keeps the meat sizzling, the portion was a beautiful combination of slightly gamey pork, sweet scallops and a hint of buttery foie gras. The ball of sauce on the top is meant to be broken into before serve for that final touch as it cascades down the sides of meat before sizzling once again at the bottom of the stone pot.


Execellent Poached Spiced Salt Water Chicken ($14++ per person a la carte) prepared by Chef Leong.


Fragrant Fried Rice with Prawns, Barbecued Pork, Diced Vegetables in XO Sauce ($12++ per person a la carte)


As I started the meal with a bang, perhaps the next best dish for me for the night was the combined dessert serving of Shaved Coconut Ice with Mango (Chef Leong), the Glutinous Rice Roll with Lotus Seed and Peanut Pureee and the Chilled Roselle Rose Tea Pudding with Red Bean Pudding (Chef Lai). Whilee I marvelled with the bold executioon of sweet, tropical flavours presented in Chef Leong’s desserts, Chef Lai’s contrast of artisanal Chinese sweets provided the tender warmth that harmonized this collaboration. It was a fitting description to what is a culinary feast of two cities. Although the mains were decent to very good, I was more enchanted by the dishes at the tails ends of the dinner. The Culinary Feast of Two Cities collaboration will be from now till 8th November.

Thank you The Fullerton Hotel for the invitation

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