Special deals with the Entertainer app at En Grill and Bar


En Grill and Bar is proud to present a refreshed menu featuring a selection of dishes using the prized Motobu Wagyu beef from Okinawa, Japan. Compared to regular wagyu, Motobu beef is said to be fattier and the cattle won first prize in the Japanese National Livestock Agriculture Competition of Wagyu back in 2013. At the restaurant, grades A4 or A5 motobu wagyu are served in its dishes. Also, together with The Entertainer app, customers can enjoy a selection of three offers: 1) One main menu item for one main menu item, 2) two tapas for two tapas, or 3) one assorted grilled skewer platter for another assorted grilled skewer platter. With dishes and promotions like these, En Grill and Bar seems like one more place to check out.


Tako Carpaccio $12

One good tapas to begin with is the Tako Carpaccio. Thinly sliced octopus is served with a spread of ikura and topped with citrusy yuzu and earthern-scented truffle oil. While octopus is not my favourite for a carpaccio, I was still pleased with the good combination of flavours ranging from the sea savouriness to the refreshing intensities presented by the yuzu and truffle oil. The burst of saltiness from each piece of salmon roe was also a crowd pleaser for this dish.


Wagyu Mini Burger $16

The tapas dish of Wagyu Mini Burger sounds impressive but it could have been better envisioned and presented. While sliders are an easy dish to have at the bar, using wagyu might not be the best option as its minced form in a small patty does little justice to the prime meat. Also, the presentation of the wagyu mini burger could have been tighter and refined. As the buns and patty were not well proportioned, the wagyu’s premium-ness just becomees a little more understated.


Garlic Gambas $16

Rounding up the tapas selection for the night was the Garlic Gambas of pan-fried shrimp served in a creamy butter sauce. Flavourful, with a good dose of essence from the shrimp, minced garlic, butter and fresh tomatoes, I enjoyed this serving.


Sumiyaki Moriawase $25 (Grilled Skewer Platter)

A highlight for the night, and possibly my favourite out of all, was the Sumiyaki Moriwase. It was clear that the restaurant specialized in grilled cuisine, and the selection of grilleed squid, chicken wing, vegetables and meatballs did not disappoint. I thoroughly enjoyed the good use of charcoal to nicely sear each stick of ingredient, and would definitely return simply for this dish.


Wagyu Yasai Stick $24 (Grilled Skewer Platter)

Okinawan Motobu Wagyu is given a good presentation with this dish of Wagyu Yasai Stick. With flavours kept simple, and only spiced up with a little seasoning and complementary vegetables, I thought this kept close to representing the excellent quality of meat served up at the restaurant. Best enjoyed when straight out of the kitchen.


Sunny Side-Up Hamburg $18

While the earlier mini Wagyu burgers did not impress, I was well satisfied with this portion of Sunny Side-Up Hamburg. Although I still do not fully appreciate the use of high grade wagyu in a minced up fashion, I do admit that for a burger this portion was exceptionally juicy and flavourful, well complemented by the runny yolk and the side of red wine sauce. The portion is substantial and worth the order.


Wagyu Houba Misayaki $28

Another well received delight was the Charcoal grilled Motobu Wagyu steak with miso on houba leaf. This would have been an excellent dish if not for the over-generous spread of miso at the base. Miso, overly salty and sweet when served in large portions, did not do the medium-rare wagyu justice. Instead, I would have preferred a light glaze of miso on the meat just before serve. It would have been an excellent way of introducing miso to the meat, and at the same time, presenting the dish with touches of smoky flavour.


Wagyu Suji and Foie Gras $14.80

The Wagyu Suji was decent, and I did enjoy the dish’s tender meat and sublime, intense flavours. What I found peculiar was the thinly sliced wagyu that was more crisp than melt-in-the-mouth buttery. Overall, still a good stew but not what I would have imagined for wagyu.


Angel Hair Pasta $18.80

There was distinctly something missing in this dish even if I would imagine the flavours of sea urchin, ikura and tobiko go very well together. I appreciated the dish’s overall freshness but still felt that it could do with a touch more seasoning for a flavourful depth in every bite.


Yuzu Cheesecake $7.80


Matcha Tiramisu $7.80

En’s own green tea tiramisu – not really a tiramisu but a well layered matcha cake with red bean filling.

IMG_0736  IMG_0738


For wagyu served up in Singapore, Motobu A4/A5 beef at En Grill and Bar is exceptionally and unbelievably priced. Still, while I thought that were a few gems in the line up, there were also dishes that could be worked on. My favourites had to go to the Sumiyaki Moriawase and for the wagyu, the Sunny Side-up Hamburg. However, the dessert items leaves little to be desired and could be better imagined, and presented. Overall, a decent visit if you are in the area with the Entertainer app and are looking for a good promotion to have an introduction to Motobu Okinawan Wagyu.

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Thank you Entertainer Singapore and En Grill and Bar for the invitation.

En Grill and Bar
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UE Square (on Mohamed Sultan Road)
Singapore 238275
Reservations: 6732 6863
Opening Hours
Mon to Thu 6pm to 2am
Fri, Sat and Eve of PH 6pm to 3am
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