Skyve Elementary Bistro & Bar, It’s Time To Get To “Class”!


I’ve long heard about Skyve, and although I don’t mean to skive on the job, I only managed to get around to visiting the bistro bar for the first time during this year’s October restaurant week. Started early this year by the management from Table 66, Skyve Elementary Bistro & Bar is modeled after the good ol’ school days where many of us who were once students will be able to recollect with great fondness. Okay, maybe not so much for me as I am still in University, but the concept definitely lends a subtle touch to the overall dining experience.

Tucked away along Winstedt Road, just slightly off Newton Circus, the journey to Skyve was pretty much quiet if one chooses to walk. Especially at night, as the few residences around it comes to a slow and the school beside halts to a standstill.


The restaurant is decked with an outdoors dining area, a cozy lounge setting (with rocking chairs) and an interior setting that just simply exudes a warm old fashion educational charm.


Simple, classy and elegant!


Although my visit was for Restaurant Week, I asked for the menu to have a sensing what other cuisines would be available regularly. And boy was I surprised when the menu was encased in a Thesis binder, fittingly titled “The Semiology of Devious Malingerings”. Definitely not a typical school this Skyve is.

The footnote introduction for the menu stands as:

A Dissertation Presented To The Lackadaisical And Supine At Skyve Elementary Bistro & Bar For The Absolute Fulfilment Of Gastrointestinal Pleasures.


As a palate teaser before the entire meal, we were presented with a serving of extremely warm and toasty Olive buns. Crisp on the outside, light and fluffy on the interior, the buns were hearty in each bite especially with the slice of butter gently melting within.


For Starters, guests were given the option to choose between the Tataki of Tuna or the Seared Foie Gras. I decided for the Foie Gras (and so did the rest of my table). We were definitely not disappointed. A decently thick slice of foie gras nicely seared to a sharp crisp yet leaving a decent tender fatty interior. The first serve was marvelous as the freshly prepared seared foie gras left an aromatic scent tempting the senses. As the side, the foie gras was served with a role of compact sushi rice stuffed with japanese cucumber and pickled radish. The tangy vinegar-ed rice was a wonderful complement to the fatty liver, cutting through the flavours, cleansing the palate and subsequently bringing out the flavours of the foie gras once again. The glaze of hoisin sauce by the side was exceptional in marrying the various ingredients of the dish together by lending the lasting sweet note that made this dish an excellent starter.


For mains, guest had the option between the Grilled Beef Rossini or the Smoked Duck De Margaret. I opted for the Grilled Beef Rossini but thought that I should have gone for the Smoked Duck for something exceptionally instead of the standard ‘safe’ option. Yet, the grilled beef rossini done medium, was still decently well executed dish. Wrapped with streaky bacon, and served with a side of cheesy potato pave, this was a robust serving through and through. Kudos goes to the potato pave for its nutty savoury flavours with a rich potato creamy texture that went well with the glaze of morel sauce. The bacon wrapping the beef was too mild to note any distinct flavours, but it was a good cut of beef nonetheless.


I definitely thought the Smoked Duck was the better dish for the night. Although the portion seems slightly smaller than the beef, the real impression was the pairing of the duck with the side of pumpkin puree. The duck, gently smoked with a tender meaty texture was excellent paired with the sweet creamy buttery rich pumpkin puree that demanded more than just one bite. Sweetness was brought to a new level with the drops of candied bacon that lent different dimensions of savoury sweetness to the dish. Nicely done, and the duck was good. I remember the last smoked duck I had, well let’s just say this was way better.


Desserts for all were the Deconstructed Pina Colada. Coconut gelato, sous vide pineapple and raisin in rum with a scattering of cookie crumble, this is one deconstructed layered dessert that has my thumbs up. Although I prefer savoury foods over sweets anytime, this dish got me slowly enjoying each portion. Richly ‘braised’ in solid rum that stood out, the textured cookie crumble together with the soaked raisin harmonised sweetly together in a marriage of textures. The pineapple, sous vide resembled more of those out of the can because of its juicy yet crisp bite, but definitely a good attempt at a contrast in flavours. The lasting impression came with the top of coconut gelato that was mild, yet lasting to the memory. I guess the coconut gelato effectively acted as a palate cleanser before every scoop. And as my friend Aaron noted, “I wish I could lick the rum off the plate”


Darrell, Aaron, Elliot, Me, Jianyi, Yan Zhi. Did you happen to notice the colour scheme. We did NOT plan for this.


The things that happen when you have grown men and a swing. Seriously.

Restaurant Week at Skyve Elementary Bistro & Bar was a well-rounded experience that lasted nicely from start till end. Its exclusiveness adds all the more to the charm, and I am definitely curious to try out the rest of the charm from the main menu. And perhaps indulge in a drink or two of “A” Grader and the “Detention Class”

Skyve Elementary Bistro & Bar
No. 10 Windstedt Road
Block E #01-17
Reservations: 6225 6690

Opens From:
Mon – Sun 10am till late