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Perched high atop level 57 of the Sands SkyPark, is one restaurant that promises a mix of breathtaking scenery and premium cuisine touched with a hearty dose of Asian hospitality. Sky on 57, helmed by Singaporean Celebrity Chef Justin Quek presents a modern take on traditional Asian and local cuisine with a flare of refined and sophisticated techniques and European touches. At the inaugural World Gourmet Summit Awards of Excellence, Justin Quek was the recipient of the first ever Chef Of The Year Award.

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The menu at Sky on 57 differs from lunch and dinner. Lunch tantalizes guests with a more local and traditional fare such as the Lobster Hokkien Mee and the Nordic King Crab with Vermicelli in Ginger Broth.

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Dinner is more of a return to Justin Quek’s French culinary roots peppered with his strong grounding in Asian flavours. A smorgasbord of gastronomical delights are ready to excite the tastebuds, and each dish on the menu is a well blend of flavours complementing each other in a light, delicate fashion.

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Premium ingredients, an unparalleled picturesque vista all around, this is one dining experience that gives rise to the name, Sky on 57.

Tonight’s menu will feature two spreads of delectable delights. Inspired by Asia is the set menu recommended by the restaurant. Priced at $168++ or $188++ (with a glass of Champagne), each set is a collection of 6 dishes finished up with Gourmet Coffee or Tea. Following up will be the A La Carte dishes ranging from Starters to Soup, Mains and Dessert. Spoilt for choice?


Fine Asian Crackers of Prawn Keropok, Belinjal, Seaweed Cracker and Seafood sticks make its appearance to whet appetites with its savoury and umami flavours.

Pair the crackers with the piquant yet satisfactorily spicy chilli sauce provided, and a sharp acidic contrast is delivered.

The Artichoke Veloute – A demi-tasse of Jerusalem Artichoke Veloute, Winter Black Truffle was very well done. Its smooth, velvety and earthen savoury flavours are a palate opener. The first sip savourifies the tastebuds and entices it into a second sip. Fragrant with the heavenly scent of the winter black truffles, these were a palate pleaser.

Trio of Seafood is a platter mixed with a mix of flavours of the earth, to the semi earth and then the sea. There was the Steamed Escargot in Spinach Leave, Parsley Butter followed by the Goose Foie Gras Parfait, Winter Black Truffle Mirror and lastly the Fresh French Oyster in Yuzu Dressing.

I was initially very curious to know what this petite green ball shape is, and would taste like. Chewy, with a slight neutral flavour. Focus was more on the spinach infused with parsley butter.

This is one of the most elegant dishes I have savoured and enjoyed. The Goose Foie Gras Parfait, Winter Black Truffle Mirror has a layer of gel encasing the foie gras parfait and a flower cut of a shaving of winter black truffle giving the impression of tranquility and simplicity. And the taste was supreme. Cloudy textured parfait infused with the earthen flavours of foie gras and touched with the delicacy of truffle gives a heaven and earth combination in a cup.

The Fresh French Oyster in Yuzu Dressing relies strongly on the natural fresh sea sweet flavours of the oyster meat topped with the burst of sea saltiness from the salmon roe. Its yuzu dressing provides a citrus freshener to the dish that leaves the oyster aromatic with zesty fragrance.

King Scallops of Roasted, Braised Leeks with smoked bacon, garlic chilli, ginger and thyme jus was up next. Wholesome and meaty, the scallop was fresh to the bite. The sauce of garlic, chilli, ginger and thyme scented the scallop well through though personally I felt that the thyme was a little over used as it masked the natural fragrance instead of fully bringing it out.

The Aged Beef made from 300 days aged Angus beef, is charcoal grilled to a slight pinkish hue in the middle and served with braised beef tendon in dried tangerie and oriental vegetables. Without doubt, the meat was very juicy within with the light sprinkling of coarse salt bringing out the natural flavours in bursts of delight. The tendon was silky smooth yet chewy to the bite with the braising sauce being a mix of heartiness and savouriness. 

What strikes most about the oriental vegetables is the petite form factor of each piece. Be it the radish to the leafy vegetable or even the onion and carrot, each selection is a vibrant hue of its colour. Interestingly, each also carried the flavours of the stock in which they were braised in giving a blend of savouriness with refreshing goodness.

The set menu’s pre dessert starter was a vodka emulsion with iced lime sorbet. Tart, crisp citrus sweet flavours accompanied the frothy topping as one digs in. It acts like a palate cleanser to prepare the sweetness to come.

For the last dish on the set menu, there was the Symphony of Desserts. A total of 5 different varieties were displayed in a portrait design of flower petals and berries as the rim.

Start off with the Peach sorbet for a surprise sweetness reminiscent of freshly plucked peaches tickling the senses.

Next go for the Pandan and Gula Java Macaroon. An excellent creation and I would definitely love to have more than one. The pandan essence is delicate in the macaroon shell which bites to reveal the spread of gula java within. Smooth and sweet caramel scented, this macaroon is the macaroon of Asia.

Banana Fritter with Chocolate dressing is a mix of sweet creamy interior paired with a crisp shell and dipped in velvety thick chocolate.


And just before ending the dessert off with the Chocolate layered Opera cake in the middle and flower petals by the side, there is the peach salad with peach foam for a crisp sweet enjoyment.


The sets ends off with classic touch of Fine Vittoria Gourmet Coffee or Tea.

And now for the A La Carte selections. During the dinner, diners are entreated to selections of Baguette, Sourdough, Onion, Cheese, and Focaccia.

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Start off the meal with the Chef’s Appetizer Platter ($60) featuring four of the best creations from the restaurant. There is the Oyster with Yuzu dressing, Egg White Crab Meat and Champagne Emulsion, Foie Gras and Scallop Kataiffi. The most memorable would be the Egg White Crab Meat and Champagne Emulsion as the foamy textures carried a slight sour taste bringing out the sea flavours of crab meat and savoury egg white delicately.

The foie gras was naturally good with the sharp citrus dressing over quelling the overpowering natural flavours into a crisp enjoyment. For the Scallop Kataiffi, the “furry” dish is akin to Cantonese dumplings with its juicy interior, crisp shell and strand like presentation.

JQ’s Signature Foie Gras Xiao Long Bao ($25) was strongly recommended to me by the service staff. Served piping hot, the foie gras was well made with the minced pork within, leaving a decently strong earthy scent to the broth in each dumpling. Very nice, and two thumbs up.

For soups, there was an order for Shark Cartilage Veloute “Jardiniere”, Prawn Dumpling ($25). Collagen rich, the velvety creamy texture is to be enjoyed. The savoury slightly rich umami taste is well palatable with each sip giving a warm sense of satisfaction and comfort. Crunchy prawn dumpling complements the dish.

I was undecided between ordering the Penne with Alsation Smoked Bacon and Spanish Ham, Piedmont White Truffles ($68) and the Sauteed Maine Lobster “Marco Polo” ($48) which the restaurant recommended as Justin Quek’s specialty. Still, I was not disappointed in my choice for the former as the al dente penne pasta was well coated in a creamy sauce infused with essence of the white truffles and slight saltishness from the bacon and ham. Exceptionally delectable, this is taste perfect. Three thumbs up if I had another thumb.

Additional Piedmont White Truffles at $13 per gram.

As a main, I called for the Sauteed whole Maine Lobster, Asian Pepper Sauce ($72). Think pepper crabs served with finesse and skill. The sauce itself might not be deceivingly spicy and pepperish because of its colour, but the fieriness within is not to be missed. Juicy fresh lobsters accompany the sauce and both complement each other in exuding the juiciness of the sea and the hotness of the pepper. 

One more photo for your viewing pleasure. Just one more =)


And to cool that fieriness down with sweet delights, I ordered a serving of Chocolate Sensations ($28). Brownies with Vanilla Ice cream and Caramel sauce, Raspberry Chocolate Cake, Shot of Chocolate with cereal, cream and fruits plus Chocolate Truffles are served around a garden of berries, strawberry sauce and orchid petals. Looks too good to be eaten.

Mocktails of Berries Rage ($10 : Fresh Pineapple Juice, Raspberries and Mango) and Mango Addictions ($10 : Fresh Pineapple Juice, Coconut Milk and Mango) accompanied the course of the meal.




J & J

Justin Daniel and Culinary Maestro Justin Quek

Justin Quek’s creations are strongly Asian fusion with much influences from his French culinary beginnings. The ingredients are centered towards bringing out the delicate flavours in a fine light manner where each complements the other in entirety. For crafting masterpieces which are Inspired by Asia, Justin Quek has done a very good job in reaching out to both foreign and local guests. The experience at dining at Sky on 57 is not solely the food alone, as ultimately, it is the panoramic landscape, the service and the takeaway from savouring above sky high which is the complete package. A dining experience to savour life’s enthralling moments.

Many thanks to Val, Associate Director Corporate Communications, Marina Bay Sands for the invitation.

Sky on 57
SkyPark Level 57
Tower One
Marina Bay Sands

Dress Code : Smart Casual

Opens from :

Breakfast from 7am- 10.30am
Lunch from 12pm to 2.30pm
Dinner from 6pm to 10.30pm (minimum charge of $80++ per person apply)
Bar from 11am to 12 midnight ( minimum charge of $30++ per person from 5-12am, for outside table house rules apply if weather permits)

Tel: 6688 8857
Email reservations:
No Reservations allowed for Breakfast and Afternoon Tea. Strictly walk-in.