Sky on 57 Marina Bay Sands, Breathtaking Experiences with Kagoshima New Year and Business Lunches!

Wishing all my readers a Delightful and Prosperous Lunar New Year! The Year of the dragon has arrived with loud cheers and laughter, where each one is beckoning the fortunes and good will to come even quicker. And as everyone celebrates the next 15 days of the Lunar New Year, Sky on 57 at Marina Bay Sands is continuously delighting diners with ingredients fresh from Kagoshima Prefecture in its Lunar New Year Set Lunches and even delights from its Business Luncheon Menu!


Stepping into Marina Bay Sands Hotel Lobby 1, twin golden orange dragons are all abound to greet you in harmony.


And most of the hotel lobby is decked in hues of red and orange.


Even the Hotel’s flagship restaurant RISE features the wine table dressed in rich red.

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This Lunar New Year Luncheon with Kagoshima ($138++ pp) comes with 2 starters, 2 mains and a dessert. Each dish features a particular produce from Kagoshima Prefecture, and Chef Justin Quek is the second person globally to receive the recognition from the Japanese prefecture. Kagoshima prefecture is known internationally to produce some of the finest Kurobuta pork. Talk about an exquisite treat awaiting the senses!


As with the luncheons and dinners served, diners are served up with the bread ‘basket’.


I found the Cheese Bread to be particularly appetizing with its warm savoury flavours and slight cheese saltiness. Smear the butter generously, and enjoy the blend of sweetness from the dough and the bread skin.


As an added treat, I ordered the Foie Gras Xiao Long Bao ($25) on special request with the kitchen. Normally served during dinner, the Xiao Long Baos were finely created and each one was a burst of earthy flavourfulness. Place the whole dumpling in the mouth and witness the tastes and textures unravel within.


Start off with the Prosperity Salad comprising an array of ingredients of Kagoshimi buri fillet, jellyfish, vegetable salad in a Mandarin orange dressing. Tart with a very well rounded citrusy flavour throughout, it was Yu Sheng recreated for all tastebuds. The buri fillet was very clear in taste and a subtle complementary interweaved into the dish. The final toppings of crispy flakes are reminiscent of the golden pillows normally found in Yu Sheng but in finer and grittier portions. Good, though in the end I felt the dish was a little wet around the base.


The second starter of Organic Japanese Pumpkin veloute with crabmeat custard makes up a very filling dish to go into. Sweet and savoury with a texture smooth and thick, it was a delight diving into the hues of bright gold. The crabmeat was flavourful and I especially appreciated the egg custard making up the base for its smoothness and slight contrast with the veloute itself.


For the first main, there is the Green Pea Risotto made with Sauteed Kagoshima Kurobuta confit, green pea and bacon, and a natural meat jus. Savoury and impactful with the flavours of meat, the dish was filling and heartwarming.


Slicing up the kurobuta pieces revealed intense pork flavours encapsulated in tiny portions, finishing off with slight smoky fragrances to the bite. For a contrast in flavours and colour, cut open the tomato for that intense burst of freshness and delight.


The second main of the Kagoshima CNY set luncheon is the Kagoshima Wagyu . Served as wok fried beef cubes, fava beans and leeks in an Asian Pepper Sauce, the cut of meat was tender with a good marbling within. Enjoy the natural flavours succinctly as the pepper sauce is very mild and more of an accompaniment than a dressing. The serving was slightly over medium rare leaving a good amount of juiciness within. Though if you want to say its Grade 9+, I reckon the price of the lunch would be even higher.


Kagoshima’s CNY Set Luncheon ends off with the dessert of “Deko-pon” Mandarin Orange. The mandarin pieces are marinated with Navan, orange and served with Saffron Ice Cream. A light, simple and refreshing end with notes of the jubilant Lunar New Year.


To dine at a Fine Dining restaurant can be within means too. Sky on 57 offfers a great value $60 for 4 courses Business Lunches with a starter, soup, main and dessert to choose from. In this line up of the Business Set Lunch, the set was started off with a customized serving of Prawn Mango Salad.  Fresh, refreshing with the tartness from the Thai sauce and sweetness from the Mango dressing, the dish was well combined through and through, giving a wholesome nutty feeling to the end. Mango cubes are a relatively sweet delight, and it is a dish delicate enough to begin with.


Soups up, and for the lunch set only the Japanese Pumpkin Veloute, Grilled Scallop is available for choice. Upon serve, the cover is lifted to reveal the pieces of lightly grilled scallop at the bottom and immediately the thick pumpkin veloute (quite similar to the one above) is poured quickly over the ingredients. The difference in flavour though is a slightly sweeter sea scent which I presume comes from the scallops itself.


The main in the business luncheon was selected as the Green Pea Bacon Risotto, Grill Salted Kurobuta Pork and Natural Meat Jus. The serving is similar to that found in the Kagoshima’s Lunar New Year Luncheon though the portion size is nearly 3 times larger. Very filling indeed, and the flavours, beautiful.


As an added dish to try out of the business lunch set, I ordered the Duck Confit ($35). Served with a side of caramelized onions, mashed potato and greens. The duck confit is probably one of the nicest I’ve had yet with a crispy skin dotted with specks of sea salt, a fatty layer though still with a portions of the meat a little dry yet flavourful. Duck leg cooked in its own fat is simply intoxicating.

IMG_1996 IMG_1991

More shots of the confit.


The business luncheon choice of dessert landed on the Sauteed Mandarin Orange Segments with Crepes. Three full sweet and juicy pieces of mandarin orange is served with ice cream and a layer of crepe well drenched in a sweet sauce. A little too heavy though, leaving one a little too full after the meal. I reckon it would be better if the sauce was served in a cup on the side and the diner to pour to his liking.




Dining at Sky on 57 during the Night is certainly different from dining during the day. With the bright sun hovering in the sky, the restaurant is basked in its warmth and rays. Though I would have preferred the automated blinds to be lowered for my table as it started to get a little warm, I reckon some guests would love the sky view from the restaurant. Kagoshima’s produce is certainly fine and fresh, and with Chef Justin’s innovative collaboration and interweaving into his creations, the natural flavours are certainly brought out in full delight. A very nice lunch, and if you are thinking of having some time amongst the sky, perhaps the business lunches are really something to look into.

The Kagoshima CNY Set Lunches was hosted. Thank you Marina Bay Sands and Sky on 57 for the invitation.

For an experience into the dinner delights I had last year, visit this link here.

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