After the PC Show last Saturday (which we took hours to walk and squeeze through the unimaginable crowds), Michel, Leroy and me were famished as we walked to what was nearly dinner time. Wanting to avoid the heavy crowds at Suntec, we decided to head to Orchard Wheelock Place to explore and have dinner before heading home.

Interestingly, we took favour to trying out Skinny Pizza, a dish which I have heard so much about in its crispy base that reflects its absolute skinniness of the dough. And judging from the extensive variety available, this was a right choice to make. Something delicious after a tiring day.

First on the list, Squid Ink Skinny Pizza ($23). Described as a jet black seafood special with calamari, prawns, fresh tomato salsa, red onion, and chopped parsley on a special squid ink crust, this was one pizza that wowed us upon arrival.


The topping were without doubt generous for its price as the freshness of the ingredients were excellent. Crisp, succulent with the tantalizing mouth watering tastes of the sea, this was one pizza that impressed both visually and in taste. Still, some might think that the squid ink is a bit overrated but when it comes to food, it is not always tastes that reigns supreme, but an impression that also matters.


When the table next to me ordered a serving of Truffle Fries ($9), I immediately turned my head upon its scent. Luscious truffle scent, the embodiment of all things earthy, wafted through the air and created cravings in the appetite. I ordered a serving, and while the first aroma was delectable, subsequent bites found that the truffle scent was only momentary. Still, a worthy buy for that moment of glory.

Naturally, one pizza would not be enough. So we ordered a Wild Truffled Mushroom Skinny Pizza ($23). The restaurant calls it a very special pizza with a luxurious touch that can only come from truffle. Topped with roasted mushrooms, garlic, turffle oil and parmesan cheese.

I found the mix of mushrooms to be very earthy in taste and the truffle oil only made it more meaty and deeper in scent and volume. The first bite impressive, the second bite ordinary. Yet, while I think that the earthiness is a little too much, the crispy base supplements the overall taste and texture.

Yet, while the cuisine is unique, the price factor might be a downside for some customers. A serving typically is for one person, so to share, you will have to order more.Thinking about it, Skinny Pizzas is definitely an experience worth going after. I won’t mind coming back here again to try their range of desserts which look oh so fabulous in the menu. Also the base of the pizza itself is another pull factor which makes that familiar Italian dish so much more different.

IMG_8191 Skinny Pizza
501 Orchard Road
#03-04 Wheelock Place
Tel : 6235 7823

Opens from : 10am to 10pm

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