Shi Fu Ge, The Comforting Homestyle Cze Char!

Visiting Shi Fu Ge again at Jalan Tampang is like immersing back into the old shophouse, mid 70s-80s era of Singapore. Situated across Sembawang Shopping Centre, the area also known as Sembawang Garden Arcade, carries some of most favourite eateries for residents all around the area. Shi Fu Ge-Yi Jia Le restaurant, which opened mid last year has now introduced some refreshing new dishes on the menu in line of the new year ahead. And now for a sneak preview.

Thai Style Pig Trotters, one of the first dishes to be unveiled from the kitchen, got my thumbs up. Upon serve, I noted the well marinated spices and meaty aroma drifting up from the dish. The trotters are deep fried, but with only the skin left to a firm crisp, and the insides nice, gelatinous and meaty. Dip it with the special concoction of Thai Sauce and you be amazed with a new introduction of flavour and slightly different textures. Great with beer, or polish off the plate on its own individually.

As a new inspiration from the kitchen, Shi Fu Ge looked towards combining the West and the East for this specialty. And the result, Mushroom Cheese Crab. The result, an addictive tasty juicy crab that is great for kids. Though personally, this is one experiment that might see even more exciting changes.

Hearing the name Crispy Skin Chicken is to already relish in the aural sensation ahead of time. A slight spiced fragrance upon serve, the first bite revealing a surprisingly crisp and crackling skin, and the meat soft and tender to the bite. Smear each piece with the special recipe of rojak sauce and other spices for a unique sweetness to bring out the savoury flavour of the chicken. I told myself to stop at two pieces, but just kept on going back for another piece..and another piece…and another piece…

For a house branded dish, there is the Yi Jia Le Fortune Roll. Combination of spiced minced meat, chestnuts, ham, salted egg yolk make up the stuffing with the popiah skin wrap encasing the combination. Dip the crispy portions with the mayonnaise and its a well complemented delight. Savoury and sweet flavours with a hearty aftertaste beckoning you for more.

Now for the creme de la creme, the cze char’s Assam Fish Head. Fresh fish served with an intoxicating sour spicy sauce filled with tomatoes, onions, egg plant and ladies fingers. Ladle the gravy with steaming hot white rice for a satisfying end, but do take note that it might be a bit too hot for some. I found myself drinking lots more liquid than usual, but that fiery kick might be a little addictive for some.

Shi Fu Ge’s range of new dishes promises a kitchen that is constantly looking to reinvent itself with even more exciting flavours for its guests. Certain dishes do need to further tweaked to achieve a level that would make it outstanding, but for a satisfying homestyle Cze Char dinner with the entire family on an affordable budget, Shi Fu Ge is one more reason to visit Jalan Tampang. Or if you are lazy on some days like me, you could always ask for delivery (if you live in the area).

Thank You Shi Fu Ge for the invitation

Shi Fu Ge Restaurant (Yi Jia Le Seafood Restaurant)
10 Jalan Tampang
Sembawang Garden Arcade
Reservations : 6555 5300