Sakae Sushi Launches A Colourful New Menu!


Sakae Signature : Salmon Ikura Soba

It was news to me when I signed in to Facebook the other day and noticed the announcement from Sakae Sushi about their new menu’s launch. With reputedly 40 new and exciting items available in addition to the traditional favourites from the previous refresh of the menu a few months ago, this launch expanded the repertoire of dishes. In addition, for this month’s Sakae Signatures theme (Salmon), I was without doubt expecting an wide range of colourful dishes. I knew I had to visit Sakae Sushi!


When I flipped through the new menu, one dish particularly intrigued me. Labelled Sakae Candle, the picture promised two candles of sushi with supposedly “melted wax” flowing down the sides. And the candles itself were lit. When the real deal arrived, it was as promised. Shaped like a candle, topped with a flame to boot, this would be an exciting dish if the edible crispy “wick” did not extinguish the flame so soon. Makis were makis, giving the creation a nice presentation. $6.99.


The Salmon Ikura Soba was also visually appealing and since I am very fascinated with soba, this sounded like the perfect dish to me. Interesting mix of neutral flavours to varied textures, this would have been a very good dish if the soba sauce was mixed with the noodles. Sakae Signature $7.99


For the Salmon Garden Maki, a Sakae Signature of totem styled sushi topped with salmon sashimi and ikura, I call it the Deconstructed Sushi. The only possible to enjoy this dish would be to eat it layer by layer. Nicely done, with a good blend of different flavours throughout. Start with the saltish salmon eggs, to the slightly smooth and sweet sashimi. Follow it up with the rice coated with umami seaweed flakes, then the minced crab meat, lastly with the rice coated with sesame seeds and seasoning. Thumbs up! $5.99


Vegetarians are not forgotten in this relaunch. 9 dedicated vegetarian dishes, including the Rice Paper Maki ($6.99) is available. I thoroughly enjoyed this dish as no rice is used making each serving very light. The combination of different ingredients such as beancurd skin, lettuce, mango, cucumber, and a drizzle of mayonnaise gives a textured bite that is delightful. I personally would love to order this again.


Sakae Blossom ($6.99), seriously the names are getting real attractive this time round. And the idea of salmon eggs never fails to impress. Fresh, salmon sashimi rolled into flower petals and topped onto a bed of sushi rice coated with ebiko and then finished with dots of ikura, yum. Though I would have loved more eggs.


I won’t deny that the Golden Ebi Salmon Roll ($8.99) has a very unique texture. Crispy shell, filled with creamy salmon, smooth rice, crunchy cucumber and then crispy prawn, lastly drizzled with a good dose of sauce. Nice? Decent =)

There are so many items which I have yet to try, and I can only enjoy so much at one go. So for the time being, my eyes shall be sated with the menu available online, and of course, the pictures I have taken in my own album below. Till then =)

This meal is compliments of Sakae Sushi.

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