Sakae Sushi, Celebrating the Christmas Season!


Like gold bells on a Christmas tree, celebrating the season’s jollies and its festivities. Dishes are created anew, all in a spirit of cheery bright goodness. That is Sakae Sushi Sakae Signature with the month of December’s Christmas Theme!


When I first saw this Christmas Tree Wonder ($6.99) on the Sakae Sushi’s website, I knew this was one dish I was definitely going to order. Adorned with a yellow tamago star at the top, the tree made from Japanese soy beans and based with a fried scallop is decorated with simple fare of white mayonnaise and jewel bright orange ikura. And I really enjoyed the creaminess and heartiness of this dish.


For all those who simply must have magnificent red and christmasy green, there is also the Emo Ikura Delight ($6.99). Sushi rice lovers would go for this creation that is topped with two slices of cheese giving a robust umami taste in between the layers of tobiko draped cucumber makis.


With Sakae Sushi’s launch of the new menu, old favourites are brought back. And for me, one particular dish that I have always been craving for since the original menu when the chain of restaurants was first launched years back is the Sakae Salad. Along the years, the recipe has been changing with certain ingredients being missing and more greens available till it finally disappeared. Now, its back with a delectable stand. Slices of salmon sashimi, layered with avocado slices, topping of sweet corn, fried salmon skin, jelly fish, julienned crabstick and that tomato rich umami sauce make up a serving. Very nicely done and very agreeable at $7.99.

IMG_4925 IMG_4923

To round off my entire meal, I also had the Black Pepper Beef & Tempura Moriwase Bento ($16.99). Served with Japanese rice and miso soup, I found the overall serving to be a little salty for my liking. Perhaps the main culprit would be the Black Pepper Beef which was a tad too well seasoned with the sauce. Other than that, the serving of tempura moriwase is decent with the tempura dip.

Its very nice to see Sakae Sushi with another new set of creations, and I have yet to try out the other dishes in this month’s signature. Now, next month is my birthday, perhaps its Sakae might consider a birthday theme? =)

This meal is compliments of Sakae Sushi