Ring in the Lunar New Year with Jade at The Fullerton Hotel, Singapore!


After celebrating my mum’s birthday with a weekend dim sum buffet at Jade last December, I was thrilled to head back to the restaurant and tuck in to this year’s exquisite Lunar New Year delights by Master Chef Leong Chee Yeng. As the Lunar New Year celebrations this year are spread over a long weekend, there is plenty to celebrate. And if you do visit the restaurant, order a bowl of Braised Seafood Soup with Abalone and Fish Maw in a Superior Golden Broth. I am sure it will be sumptuously good.


Start off the Lunar New Year meal with a serving of Eight Happiness Gold Rush Yu Sheng (羊年挥春招财鱼生 三文鱼金薄香槟冻鱼生 ). Topped with Champagne Jelly laced with gold flakes, Salmon Sashimi, Olive Oil and Peach Dressing, the Yu Sheng is artfully presented on a personalized platter specially drawn out by Master Chef Leong using olive oil and cinnamon powder. The Yu Sheng is available for $68++, $98++ and $128++.


The Poached Minced Fish and Mutton Fortune Dumpling (财运金元宝 鱼羊鲜饺子) was certainly stellar in all its simple fineness. Fish and mutton is exquisitely combined to symbolically present both the prosperous nature of fish in the year of the goat. I enjoyed the flavour, found the filling to be smooth and gentle – easily a favourite! $16++ for 3 pieces or $38++ for 8 pieces.


Those seeking a collagen rich soup that is wonderfully good in flavour, looks and for the skin will enjoy the Braised Seafood Soup with Abalone and Fish Maw in a Superior Golden Broth. The velvety smooth soup was seafood sweet and savoury to the point of umami. I loved the colour, its textured contrast with crunchy jellied fish maw and tender abalone. Good to the last drop. $38++ per bowl.


New this year is the Sauteed Lobster with Chicken Floss and Spiced Fragrant Salt (禧龙添满福 辛辣鸡松波士顿龙虾). Fresh Boston lobster is used to whip out this slightly dry delicacy. Simple savoury flavours, ample amount of floss, just a tad too much dried chilli which can be a spicy danger if you happen to try to finish all of them.


The Stewed Pork Belly with Dried Oysters in Hometown Style (和气融融 家乡焖花腩) will be a crowd pleaser for one looking for traditional, nostalgic flavours. Tender pork belly is prepared with sides of dried oysters, yam, sea cucumber, black fungus, mushrooms and leek flower. Good and simple. Available at $18++ per person or $44++ per portion.


The Fragrant Wok Fried Five Grain Glutinous Rice with Chinese Sausage is an extremely hearty and satisfying portion that goes beyond any traditional or regular fried rice. The rice is well seasoned, and the bits of chinese sausage was stellar and brimming with flavour waiting to burst out. I particularly adored the finely prepared omelette shreds.


Desserts for the night was possibly one of the best I’ve had in Jade thus far. The season’s special of Yam Paste Nian Gao Tarts (好年圆 芋泥年糕挞 ) is best enjoyed hot as the flaky pastry shell is well complemented with the gooey nian gao made with gula melaka and stuffed with decadent yam paste. The Pistachio Muah Chee Glutinous Rice Ball (陶喜开心团圆 开心果麻滋 ) is also finely created with a peach pink sticky rice dough and filled with chopped pistachio nuts and sesame paste. A perfect dessert. The Yam Paste Nian Gao Tarts are available at $28+ in a box of 8 pieces; the Pistachio Muah Chee Glutinous Rice Balls are available at $26+ in a box of 8 pieces.


A classic delicacy made exquisite – Almond cream with Bird’s Nest


Jade’s selections this Lunar New Year revisits the traditional made fine with a range of dishes that will cater to a wide variety of guests. I highly recommend tucking in to the Yu Sheng and the Dumplings, and definitely an order of the Braised Seafood Soup. The Lunar New Year delights will be available from 3rd February onwards while the Yu Sheng is now available.

Thank you The Fullerton Hotel for the invitation

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