Return of the Crab Buffet at PARKROYAL on Beach Road!


From now till the 31st of August, Plaza Brasserie at the PARKROYAL on Beach Road will be delighting all guests with its ever popular Crab Feast back on the counters. Featuring up to 8 different crab varieties daily, from the ubiquitous Chilli Crab, Black Pepper Crab, Salted Egg Yolk Crab, a key highlight now also include my new favourite, the Crab with Tang Gui. The Crab Buffet at Plaza Brasserie is in addition to the buffet spread already available daily, making this buffet a great value to all crab lovers out there in Singapore!


Notable highlights for me include the Tang gui crab, salted egg yolk crab and black pepper crab!


The Tang Gui Crab without doubt is very well executed at this buffet promotion. Generous chunks of crabs are left to simmer in a Chinese Angelica Root stock, leaving each piece well sated with sweet flavours of both herbs and crab. The complexity of sweetness in this dish is not to be undermined, and I enjoyed savouring both the crabs and drinking the broth in clear, delicate fashion. A right amount of herbal intensity and flavours make this crab dish a clear favourite for me. It is best eaten hot for maximum pleasure.

My other favourite for the night include the Salted Egg Yolk Crab. Needless to say, thick crusty salty savoury egg yolk encapsulates each piece of crab lovingly, leaving a flavour that is both hearty and satisfying. I would include a picture, but have to admit that my dinner table ate it all before I even got a shot of it.


Surprisingly, I found myself a new fan of Black Pepper Crabs yesterday during the dinner. Maybe it’s the lipsmacking pepperish hotness combined with the delicate crab sweetness that got to me, but I sure did find the gravy a kickstarter to the whole meal. With stock this good, it makes you crave for hot, steamed white rice. A plus if the restaurant did serve, but I would then suspect the gravy finishing faster than the crabs if that were the case.


The recipe for Chilli Crabs at Plaza Brasserie were a more subtle affair as compared to its fiery black pepper cousin. A bit stronger in tangy tomato flavours than any hot chilli presence would suggest, this was good as an introduction to Chilli Crabs than my own personal preference from restaurants at East Coast Seafood Lagoon. It definitely is a good starter for those unacquainted with the dish, but for its presence in the buffet line up, makes the variety all the more worth it.


Those looking for a little more rustic, earthern and creamy flavours will be pleased to find the Curry Crab as an option to tickle the tastebuds.  Served in copious amounts of curry, with the light touch of san-tan at the end, this dish goes well with the live prata counter by the side. Excellent.

The Nonya Crabs is another option that introduces curry flavours albeit in a slightly milder fashion, with more emphasis on the sweetness. I did not particular endear to this dish as the gravy accentuated the essence of crab rather than complemented it. That being said, I’m sure the dish will have its fans.


Plaza Brasserie does offer an option of simple, clean cut crab flavours through their dish of Baked Crabs. It can be a little dry, but becomes exciting when accompanied with the special chilli dip by the side.

I didn’t get to try the other crab flavours like the Butter Crab. However, maybe when I do drop by again for another visit, I’ll make it a point to update the flavours right here!


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The Crab Feast promotion at PARKROYAL on Beach Road is one buffet spread that will satisfy the tastebuds of crab lovers who want a good variety on their plate, and at a value that is friendly for a good crowd. Highlights for me include the Tang Gui, Salted Egg Yolk and Black Pepper, each for their varying sweet and savoury flavours in different marks of intensity that made the crab eating experience all the more enjoyable. And when one decides on a break from all the crabs, there is the dinner buffet counter to head towards and perhaps savour a plate or two of freshly sliced salmon sashimi or shucked oysters to simply cleanse the palate.

Thank you PARKROYAL on Beach Road for the invitation.

Plaza Brasserie
PARKROYAL on Beach Road
7500A Beach Road
Singapore 199591
Reservations : 6505 5710

Sumptuous Crab Feast Promotion
5 June to 31 August 2013
Dinner (Mon-Thu) Adult $55++, Child $33++
Dinner (Fri-Sun) Adult $58++, Child $35++