Relax with a new brunch menu at Chillax Cafe, Serangoon Gardens!


My last visit to Chillax Cafe was a good 2 and a half years ago. As I remember vividly, Chillax carried memorable items such as the  Wagyu Beef Rosti, the Portobello Fries and a good ol’ fashion Carbonara. Most recently, Chillax Cafe owner Darren Wee has decided to refresh his menu lineup, bringing together a stronger Brunch presence with the cafe’s The Big Brunch Affair. Underpinning the brunch philosophy is a selection of generous, hearty choices that are accompanied with over-the-top drinks that will leave a little buzz to that wonderful weekend.


Begin brunch with an intense portion of Shabu Beef Poutine ($13++). Served with beef slices and a rich gravy made with pan jus and truffle oil, this serving of fries were a wonderful start to the meal. Crisp fries heavily scented with truffle and well soaked in sauce, the entire group at the table quickly polished this dish off to the last bit. And to add, I particularly enjoyed the tender shabu beef slices.


For me simple pleasures, order the Root Beer Wings ($9++). Marinated in A&W Root Beer and then fried to a beautiful golden brown with a crisp skin, each midwing was a joy to tuck into. The carbonated root beer was lovingly tenderised into each chicken midwing, sweetening the flavours up a notch in a slight herbal fragrance. Have these with some beer or just a bloody mary and I think we have a winning combination.


The next highlight for me was the Salted Egg Mushrooms ($9++). Breaded and deep-fried fresh button mushrooms is topped with a well scented salted egg sauce that was chunky to the bite. I loved the crispy mushroom and I loved the salted egg intensity that nicely complements the dish’s more grounded, earthy flavours. Excellent!


The Double Beef Steak Stack ($20++) sees a Aussie grass-fed sirloin steak pan seared to a beautiful medium rare, double stacked and topped with a poached egg for all its goodness in between a brioche bun. The only proper way to eat this burger is probably to simply sink your teeth into it. Mmm.


The Marmite Pork Burger ($17++) was a tad more interesting with varied flavour combinations ranging from the sweet to the salty to the savoury. Marmite is well mixed into the minced meat, giving a salty touch to the already savoury patty. On top of it all, caramelised banana slices lend a unique sweetness to the overall flavour. While this is probably a bold endeavour, I have to admit that my favourite would be the good ol’ double beef steak stack any day.


Brunch is probably not complete without a selection of the Chillax French Toast ($14++). Brioche bread is dipped in an egg and cinnamon mix and gently browned over a griddle. The generous portions are then served with a light sauce made out of orange, yoghurt and honey. It was interesting to savour, but portion sizes and hearty indulgences demanded that the entire dish be shared round the table.


The Pancakes with Nutella, Salted Caramel and Bananas ($14++) sounds exceptionally good. However, while I enjoyed the slices of warm pancakes served alongside the spread of Nutella, the crunchy and solid salted caramel glaze did not provide the textural contrast that would have defined an indulgent pancake.


Wine poached apple with ice cream


On top of the refreshed menu, Chillax now serves a selection of OTT drinks that will entice you to order. There is the Bloody Mary That’s Garnished With Chicken Wings ($18++) – a drink combination that sees vodka, fresh tomatoes, worcester sauce and tobasco coming together. This light tasting and refreshing Bloody Mary takes on a new standard with the topping of two pieces of root beer wings.


Other than that there is the Adult Milo Godzilla ($15++) that is simply pure vodka and milo infused well with the other in ice and topped with another scoop of Milo powder

In all, the brunch experience at Chillax Cafe is an interesting affair that deserves a closer look. Certain dishes like the Shabu Poutine Fries, Salted Egg Mushrooms and Root Beer Wings are excellent additions to the menu that are a must order for any visit to the cafe. On the other hand, the pancakes and burgers are bold attempts to redefine certain flavour and textural concepts, appealing to those looking for dishes which are a little more unique. While the visit was still a good one, my past visit a few years ago still carried a more memorable experience. That said, I am keen to look out for what other dishes appear on this brunch menu that will hopefully challenge what it means to have uncompromisingly hearty food.

Thank you Chillax Cafe for the invitation.

Chillax Cafe
28 Maju Avenue
Singapore 556698
Reservations: 6244 5529
Opening Hours:
Monday to Thursday 3pm to 1am
Friday 4pm to 2am
Saturday 11am to 2am
Sunday 11am to 12am
The Big Brunch Affair is available on weekends from 11am to 3pm