Rejoice with Sumptuous Delights this Lunar New Year at Li Bai, Sheraton Towers Singapore!


Li Bai, as one of Singapore’s most established Chinese restaurants, will feature a sumptuous feast for all to rejoice in this Lunar New Year of the Horse. With nine different reunion set menus catered for the dining couple to the family or business gathering of up to 10 pax, each set promises to have a little something that is momentously flavourful. Indulge in select favourites like the Stewed Eight Treasures Chicken with 5 Head Abalone or the premium Turbot Loh Hei Platter. If you are feeling particularly well set to engage in another prosperous year, call for the Braised Superior Bird’s Nest with Crabmeat and Crab Roe. Ready to get a glimpse at the splendour of each of these dishes?

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Executive Chef Chung Yiu Ming – one of the stalwarts at Li Bai

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Special this year is the Turbot Loh Hei Platter (多宝鱼生捞起) that uses the premium flatfish instead of the more conventional Salmon sashimi. I found the meta to be particularly textured, with a good bite accompanying the slightly musky sweet sea scent. It goes well with the selection of shredded vegetables, condiments, crisp bites and seasonings. Toss to a prosperous year ahead with the Turbot or as Chef calls it “Duo Bao”.

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Turbot or “Duo Bao”

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Those in the luxurious mood to rejoice the coming spring and order the $3998 set menu and $138 set menu per pax, will find the pleasure of tucking in to an extravagant dish of Braised Superior Bird’s Nest with Crabmeat and Crab Roe (珊瑚官燕). It is almost a shame to finish this dish as it is such a visual tease. Golden pieces of bird’s nest is beautifully contrasted with orange red crab roe and white crab meat. Have that all together in a tender braising sauce, and what you get is a premium savoury mouthful with each serve. Luxurious!

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The next serve of Salted Egg Lobster and Sauteed Fillet of Lobster (乾坤龙虾球) aims to fulfil a visual impact with contrasting colours while utilizing the same premium base ingredient of the famed crustacean. The sauteed fillet of lobster is a more tender and gentler offering as compared to the bold and vivacious salted egg yolk coating of its counterpart. I’ll go for the salted egg lobster any day as its creamy, crunchy sweet savoury texture is well worth calories. The sauteed fillet? Too mild for my liking.

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Lo and behold the Stewed Eight Treasures Chicken with 5 Head Abalone ($298) (南非5头鲍鱼海参八宝鸡). This dish is a beautiful assortment of golden brown abalones together with a whole stuffed chicken filled with auspicious ingredients to reign in the year of the horse! Look out for ingredients such as barley, chestnuts, lotus seeds, sea cucumber, shitake mushrooms all encased within. The dish, meticulously prepared, with a savoury brown stock that will go exceptionally well with rice is definitely the highlight for the night! Have it as takeaway and get the claypot too!

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Look at that colour! I tried to recreate this at home and found it all the more better to simply have it at Li Bai while available.

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For a tian tian mi mi end to the entire meal, look out for servings of Water Chestnut Cake with Osmanthus Fragrance ($42) (马蹄糕) or Pan Fried Nian Gao with Coconut Cream ($42) (香煎年糕)If you are particularly sensitive to aromas, relish in the beauty of coconut emanating from the nian gao as the dish is served! I enjoyed both treats with its light sweetness a calming end to the entire sumptuous meal!

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The culinary specialties at Li Bai this Lunar New Year is impressive for those with a reunion dinner to come at the restaurant. Chef Chung and his team certainly knew how to tease out the flavours in traditional ingredients to a level that is worth a closer look and appreciation. I highly adored the Eight Treasure Chicken, Salted Egg Lobster, Braised Bird’s Nest and of course the well scented Nian Gao with Coconut Essence. A sumptuous visit and treat that is well worth the rejoice the coming of Spring at one of Singapore’s most established Chinese restaurants.

Thank you Sheraton Towers for the invitation

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