Rejoice with Stella Artois fresh from the tap at District 10!


The Star Vista at Buona Vista is certainly attracting lots of novel restaurants. For a round of delightful tapas, pizzas, and drinks to wind the night away, District 10 Bar Tapas Restaurant is proud to present their next expansion at this classy food haven. When it comes to mouthwater Portobello Mushroom with Truffle Oil thin crust pizza, and $5 draught Stella Artois every Monday, this is probably gonna be my next hangout for food, fun and the basic idea of, chill.


When I first stepped into the restaurant, the taps of Stella Artois greeted me next to the bartop counter. It was possibly a glorious sight, especially after an intense Monday.


Crisp, and served well in chilled glasses


The tapas menu in the restaurant features an extensive range of 37 different light dishes, from finger food to Pinchos to Skewers. It was pretty challenging to choose what to eat.

I started off with a Beef Tartare with Pickles and a Smoked Salmon with Potato Salad pincho. My personal favourite would be the beef tartare pincho for its fresh clean taste, lightly tanged by the pickles and vinegared onion. Two bites, and there it goes. I would say that the bread could be a crispier cut by making it thinner and possibly glazed with olive oil for that extra kick.


The Jumbo Crab Cakes were dense and meaty. A good amount of crab meat was mixed together with an assortment of scented vegetables to complement the flavours. Squeeze lemon, and dip in tartar for zesty citrus tang glazed over the sea sweetness of crab. 


The Manchego Cheese and Jamon Croquette resembles one of those burst in your mouth puffs with creamy and meaty fillings on the inside.


Two thumbs up must go for this serving of Pizza with Portobello Mushroom and Truffle Oil. I really must commend the simple luxury of complementing the deep earthen scented goodness of truffle with the textured and spongy portobello. Infusing it with a good dose of cheese and tomato to allow umami flavours to overrun, together with the crisp pizza skin. Ah this is heavenly cuisine redefined.


As a main for the night, I had the Grilled Argentinian Ribeye with Fries and Mixed Salad. Tender cut of meat, with an excellent sauce combination by the side. I highly recommend the mushroom sauce to pair with the meat. Something about earthy scents struck me that night. And the portion of grilled tomato was delectable.


House pour of draught Hoegarden going at $5 every Mon night


The Creme Catalana seemed like a sized up creme brulee to me. Slightly grilled sugared top, with a good sweet fragrant creamy texture, it was sweet endings.


I thought the District 10 Sour Cherry Sundae would be an extremely sour ice cream to really tickle the tastebuds. It is not sour, and really the sweetness of enjoying ice cream is hard to go wrong.


District 10 Bar Tapas Restaurant is a decent place to consider for your next hangout if you are working or living around the area. It provides a comforting and relaxing atmosphere. I really enjoyed the drinks, and would love to make return visits for their Monday night $5 draughts. The best dish for me would be the pizza with Portobello mushroom and truffle oil as it is the perfect complement to a good chilled glass of beer. And to what I last hear, some of the menu items from the old District 10 like Chilli Crab Pizza and Wagyu Beef Rendang will make their reappearance. For fans, this is probably the next place you should be at!

Thank you District 10 for the invitation

District 10
#01-42 (next to the taxi stand)
The Star Vista
1 Vista Exchange Green

Opens from:
Sun to Thu 11.30am to 11pm
Fri to Sat 11.30am to Midnight