Rang Mahal Pavillion, A Sneak Peak Into Fine Dining Indian Cuisine!

The name Rang Mahal is well established in Singapore’s Indian culinary scene, with over 30 years in history. The flagship outlet, formerly at the famous Imperial Hotel and now at Pan Pacific Singapore, has expanded into two sister restaurants around the Island. For guests and tourists visiting Sentosa island, Rang Mahal looks set to introduce and tantalize your tastebuds with the now two year old Rang Mahal Pavillion in a world of spices, music and delectable Indian cuisine.


Pickled Vegetables (Top Right Clockwise), Fresh Coriander, Mango Chutney

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to partake in the restaurant’s specialty set lunch priced very reasonably at $48++ for a spread of starter, soup, main and dessert. The meal started of with Crackers served with a side of Pickled Vegetables, Fresh Coriander, and Mango Chutney. The sauces were extremely flavourful and it goes very well with the Black Pepper Crisp which deep in savoury flavours yet with the burst of fragrance of the sauce accompanying it.


The set’s appetizer arrived and it was a stick of flavoured spiced potatoes and crisp tomato, served with a side of fresh coconut water. The Hors d’oeuvre of potato was a little tickling hot to the tongue and extremely nutty, yet when quenched with the clear coconut juice, the tastebuds were left in an equal balance.


With both Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian options available, I simply had to try both to see what spread was served up. The Vegetarian starter consisted of Grilled Cottage Cheese, Sweet Potato, Cauliflower. Each side was incredibly flavoured in dark earthly tones with a robust smoky fragrance behind the main ingredient. I especially enjoyed the cottage cheese for its cotton like texture and fluffiness, while the sweet potato provided a crunchy bite with a mild nutty sweetness.


The Non-Vegetarian option on the other hand featured a selection of tandoor-ed meats of Prawns, Chicken and Fish. Kudous goes to the chef for the chicken portion as the spicy marinade really seeped into the layers of meat. The prawn was a smoky ocean bite with a gently sweet taste,followed by a mellow meaty afterthought. The fish itself was a bit stronger in curry notes, and yet still retaining the delicate flavours of the sea.


Next, the wait staff brought out the day’s soup of Corn. It was a surprise for me as I didn’t expect a Corn Soup to be so savoury and flavourful. Each sip unveiled a multitude of flavours with the distinct touch of spices in the background. Yet, the unmistakable scent of corn is well noticeable. I really enjoyed this.


As a prelude to the Mains, each diner is free to make a selection of the type of bread he wishes. With a wide selection such as Garlic naan, Romali Roti, Tandoori Roti, Mint Paratha and more available (not forgetting that each is freshly made), the guest is spoilt for choice.


Front to back : Kofta,  Yogurt Rita and Black Lentils

The accompanying dishes for the Non-Vegetarian option include the Kofta, Yogurt Rita and Black Lentils. The kofta, itself a mix of french beans;carrots and potato, is allowed to steep in a serving of thin yogurt with stronger acidic notes. Comparatively, the Yogurt Rita as a fresh combination of tomatoes and onions is served with yogurt gravy that is sweeter and more refreshing. But my favourite will have to be the Black lentils. Itself cooked for many hours over a slow flame, the lentils are soft, nutty and creamy – making it an extreme delight to go along with bread and the basmanti rice.


The non-vegetarian option of Dry Curry Chicken


To also go along with the condiments, guests are also served a portion of fragrant Briyani. Light and fluffy, yet packing a distinct refined punch in flavours, the black lentils accentuated the overall composition giving it a new dimension. What’s also good is that if you would like more condiments and bread, feel free to make a request from the kitchen!

The lunch’s dessert was tweaked slightly as the restaurant wanted me to try their latest promotion for the Great Singapore Sale. In line with the festive shopaholic season, there is now the Confessions of a dessertholic soon to be released onto the menu. Featuring three of the restaurant’s signature desserts, this is a set combination of Gulab Jamun, Ras Malai and Mango Kulfi.

IMG_5834 IMG_5831

The mango kulfi, an ice cream creation featuring the robust and heavenly fragrant mango, lends a sweet chill touch as a starter. Thereafter, the Ras Malai, which is the reputedly famouse sweetened cottage cheese of Rang Mahal, makes an appearance. Cotton like and the layers within well soaked with a sweetened milk gravy, this was akin to clouds of honey in every bite.


But for an intense finish, there is always the Gulab Jamun. Warm dumplings infused in fragrant an intoxicatingly sweet cardonmon syrup, this is always a treat to look forward at the end.

And now for a sneak peak at some of the other snacks available at Rang Mahal, which I unfortunately did not get to try as I was a little too full.


Stuffed Green Chillies with Tamarind Sauce




Delhi Puckhas – Crunchy Semolina Puffs with Chilled spiced water and sweet tamarind chutney

IMG_5720 IMG_5721 IMG_5722 IMG_5734

Clockwise – Kamasutra (top left), Mango Lassi, Virgin Margarita, Tulsi Sherbert

The drinks at Rang Mahal deserve a special mention. Each one was unique, and I especially enjoyed the Kamasutra – a creation of passion fruit and peach, to cool off the heat while on the island.


For a drink that is savoury to cool off, try the Masala lassi. The combination of yogurt, masala spices, ginger and green chilli will bound to surprise.


Private Dining Area – The Flute Room





Me and Chef Mohd Anwar

The dining experience at Rang Mahal Pavillion through their Set Lunch menu provides a sneak peak into the assortment of fine dining options available for all guests at both this restaurant and perhaps the flagship outlet at Rang Mahal itself. I was taken away with the deep use of spices that clearly brought out the flavours of each dish. It was a memorable lunch with the Kofta, Black Lentils and the Tandoored Chicken in the starter being my key favourites. Yet while flavours are clearly good, I look forward to see what else and perhaps what presentation style would accompany the dishes in the a la carte menu. It is a place to stop by if you are on the island itself, especially if you are a lover of good homely Indian cuisine.

Thank You Rang Mahal for the invitation

Rang Mahal Pavillion
Level 2 Hard Rock Hotel
Resorts World Sentosa
Singapore 098296
Tel : 6238 7013
Website : www.rangmahal.com.sg
Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/RangMahalPavilion