Queensway Famous Curry Chicken. I Say This Is Good.


Queensway Famous Curry Chicken?

After today’s swim and gym, Michel had to head to Queensway Shopping Centre to scout the prices of some tennis rackets. There, he recommended the Curry Chicken which he claims to have been so addicted by it after the very first try months ago.

I found the the Curry Chicken to be sweet, savoury with the spark of spiciness and tastiness in a full flavoured broth of coconut milk. It is a little oily but also slightly thick in consistency. And it goes fabulously well with rice. For that fragrance, and a decent bowl of guilty pleasure, I say $3 is a well matched price.

The shop claims the curry chicken is famous in Queensway. Whether that is true, I leave it to you to decide.


Right within the same stall, the auntie also sells laksa. The very type found in the far reaching premises of Katong and enjoyed with a spoon, not a pair of chopsticks. Ideally, the stall name is 328 Katong Laksa.

The laksa was substantially flavourful with the spicy coconut rich gravy smothering the smooth white noodles.  A good amount of beansprouts, cockles and prawns add a delightful crunch and firm bite to the meal, making it an appetizing affair all in one. $3 for one portion.


Queensway Shopping Centre, while famous for its myriad of stores offering sports apparels and equipment for sale, has another gem with the serving up of curry chicken. It is not the only stall there serving the spicy sweet coconut rich dish as there is another stall which also attracts a crowd. But to what I tasted, this one deserves a recognition.

And for gosh sakes, this Curry Chicken tastes like Curry Chicken. Not some sort of Laksa counterfeit.
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