Quality and simplicity make up the excellent cuisine at Syun, Resorts World Sentosa!


Award winning Chef Hal Yamashita’s restaurant ‘Syun’ at the Resorts World Sentosa is the latest exciting addition to Singapore’s gourmet dining scene. The restaurant will focus on affordable modern Japanese contemporary cuisine, featuring a unique ‘Jap-Jap’ or ‘Nouvelle Japanese’ fusion that embodies Chef Yamashita’s culinary style. Premium ingredients are used in all their bare simplicity to draw out the essence found in each produce, highlighting the core of Yamashita’s philosophy that the fundamentals of good cooking is just keeping things simple. Syun restaurant is Chef’s first foray out of Japan, after 9 restaurants in both Tokyo and Kobe.


Guests keen to try Yamashita’s cuisine will find dishes like the Sea Urchin and Kuroge Wagyu Beef Roll topped with Caviar to be refined and stellar. The remarkably fresh sea urchin is odourless, with a gentle sea sweetness that does not carry any overt flavours. Its buttery intensity is well paired with the raw Kuroge marbled wagyu for that melt in the mouth sensation. Dressed with a refreshing and citrusy yuzu sauce, the dish is finally contrasted with spurts of saltiness from the caviar. Excellent, and a single serving comes at $15++.

As part of my meal, I was also served up the Chef’s Selection of Sashimi 2 Kinds (Salmon and Amberjack). The duo of Norwegian and King Salmon was presented in a dressing of yuzu mayonnaise, and topped with celery and corn leaves. The salmon was fresh, sweet and fatty – well complemented with the slightly tangy sweet and more hearty mayonnaise.


Sea Urchin and Kuroge Wagyu Beef Roll topped with Caviar


Another highlight is the Grilled Cod with Saikyo Miso Yuzu Miso Sauce. The cod is marinated with premium Miso, Dried Mullet Roe, sake and mirin for over 4 days to allow the flavours to permeate through each of the fish’s fatty layers. It is then grilled to serve and topped with a scattering of more dried mullet roe and a yuzu miso sauce. I found the fish to be very well seasoned, and lightly contrasted with flavour from the citrusy yuzu and the more robust miso. The only gripe I had was the amount of bones my portion of fish had, which proved eating with a pair of chopsticks a little more complicated than usual.


For its lunch menu, Chef will also be serving up the Seafood House Special Jyu ($48++). This assortment of seafood over rice is one serving in which I won’t mind coming back for. The presence of fresh sea urchin and salmon roe is already a winning combination in both colour and flavour, while the crab meat and grilled salmon fillets are hearty mains. Although I found my portion of scallop to be a little tough, the real deal here is the rice that is covered with what appears to be a thin layer of crumbled omelette. When having a portion of the rice, note the smooth buttery scent that is lightly infused throughout – the real call back factor for me!


Chef carries his own line of Yamashita Sake

IMG_1300 IMG_1302

This glimpse at Syun is enough for me to crave a return trip. Although it may not feature elaborate ingredients or presentations, the main draw is truly the quality of ingredients and the refined flavours that are presented. One specialty that I’ve also heard much about is the Wagyu-Beef Sukiyaki with Sea Urchin. Exclusive to Singapore, guests will enjoy their beef sukiyaki not in a raw egg wash but a bowl of fresh sea urchin. Imagine the combination of flavours! Syun is a season of new beginnings. I wonder what more will Chef Yamashita offer in time to come.

Thank you Resorts World Sentosa for the invitation

Resorts World Sentosa
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Reservations: 6577 6688
Opens from:
Tue – Sun
12pm to 3pm (last order 2.30pm)
6pm to 11pm (last order 10.30pm)