Prima Taste Kitchen, Savour and Bring Home the Flavour of Singapore’s Cuisine!

The Prima Taste brand sure carries plenty of recognition to me as one of the most well established creators of local cuisine flavours packing a robust punch in a packet. Most recently for me this year, its Singapore Laksa La Mian is a wonderful creation of an awesome laksa broth with a chewy well rounded noodle to boot. But apart from their sauces, instant paste and mixes, and even their bakeries, Prima Taste does have a restaurant tucked away in the secret corners of Centrepoint where local dishes created using their products are featured.


I have almost always walked past Prima Taste Kitchen as personally for me, true Singapore flavours are usually assumed to be found in the hawker centres dotting the island. But it is a different call for the tourists who visit the busy shopping district and Singaporeans heading overseas for extended period of time, Singapore flavours then might not be so readily available. So while Prima Taste Kitchen offers a preview of what you could achieve with the packaged products, it is a full fledge offering of some of Singapore’s best dishes in a compact little corner.


Lunch was started off with Achar in a slick peanut based sauce. Spicy with a touch of tang, the pickled vegetables were crunchy to the bite and warmly appetizing.

Followed by cooling drinks of Refreshing Lychee and Calamansi with Preserved Plum


First up, Rojak with Toasted You Tiao, Cucumber, Turnip, mixed with delightful prawny rojak paste which was not too sweet or overly scented with shrimps yet generously topped with crushed peanuts.


The Hainanese Chicken Rice, one of Singapore’s most coveted local dishes (our Hainanese Chicken Rice is very different from the one from Hainan Island in China) at Prima Taste Kitchen carries a surprising weight on its own with very tender chicken and a thin layer of gelatinous fat accompanied with slightly fragrant chicken rice that could have been better. Side dips of chicken rice chilli, ginger and dark sauce are provided for the complete experience.


Another shot of the sliced chicken portion.


I found the chilli sauce to be adequate though personally I would have preferred a stronger and more robust version with more flavoured chicken oil embraced throughout. Yet still, a wonderful package in totality and yes the dips of chilli and ginger are provided together in the product package.


When it comes to whipping up Prawn Noodles at home, you could either sweat it out over the stove while boiling tons of prawns and their shells with herbs and spices to achieve their flavourful stock that is rich in umami flavours, or you could just get the instant pack available from Prima. Trying out the broth, I found it to be savoury and slightly intense in flavours with a clear crisp aftertaste, and a slight hei breath in the mouth.


It’s a nice creation and they have it served up with Pork Lard. Extra toppings available if you want a huge serving for lunch to cater to that rumbling tummy.


And using the same stock of the Prawn Broth, an excellent rendition of Hokkien Noodles is created.Imagine that already rich stock broth, only concentrated and deliciously coating the noodles with a slight smoky wok fragrance. I loved this dish to the last bit because of its intense flavours . Now only if their pork lard was bigger, crisp and juicier with more lime juice served along, I think this dish would have been perfect!


Laksa, the only dish during the meal that made me sweat, alot. Intensely spicy, creamy and decadently sinful, there is absolutely no hint of compromise of ingredients in this creation. Extra toppings available upon order, though be prepared to have a glass of ice water by the side.


Curry Chicken on the other hand was a milder level in the spice contest. Slightly more sweeter, and more broth as compared to the many many different variants of Curry Chicken out in the open, this was a thumbs up for my tastebuds.


Sharon from Prima Taste who hosted me, chanced upon this discovery of having Curry Chicken with Chicken Rice and found it a must try instead of always having the dish with steamed white rice. And it was good, though if you don’t mind piling up on the calories for that one meal. Still it’s worth it.


And to top off the entire lunch, the last main dish to be served – Bak Kut Teh. Peppery, clear and light yet with the teh/soup so tasty, this was a dish easy to finish with clear enjoyment. The Teochew style variant at the restaurant comes with nice and wholesome pork ribs, though I miss the You Tiao and preserved vegetables that normally comes along with other variants.


Cendol. Unique, though with too much ingredients it become a little tough to stir and get it all mixed up.


Chin Chow with Longan in Gula Melaka. I found the desserts, well, desserts.


In overall, I found the local dishes in Prima Taste Kitchen to be quite authentic with a intense range of flavours available. Consistency from dining in should be well established since the cooking involves the use of Prima Taste’s packaged products. And that means that many of these dishes can be recreated at home for a simple dinner, or even for parties (party packs available at Kitchen or online). Imagine getting two pots of steamboat one with that awesome spicy laksa, and the other with Bak Kut Teh. Especially since Chinese New Year is almost around the corner.

Best of all, if you are feeling peckish to even travel to the store to buy, Prima has an online shop with complete delivery service. Awesome isn’t it. Though if you do decide to have it, you might want to keep your culinary secret well hidden away =D (just a thought. dispose of the evidence. and smile)

Many Thanks to Prima Taste for the invitation.

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Prima Taste Kitchen
176 Orchard Road
The Centrepoint
Singapore 238843

Contact : 6887 3786