Prego, Fairmont Singapore celebrates the season of Truffles!


The Truffle Season is back at Prego, Fairmont Singapore. After my memorable visit a few months back, it was a pleasure to once again savour the culinary genius whipped up by Chef de Cuisine Antonio Facchinetti and his team. From now till end January 2014, Prego will be serving an additional special menu that features a good and delicate use of black or white truffle in a range of appetisers, mains and even desserts. Highlights for me include the Beef Tartare with White Truffle, Grilled Tomino Cheese with White Truffle to the Poached Rhubarb with Black Truffle and Truffle Ice Cream. There’s simply something exotic and mildly savoury about truffles that enlivens the entire mood of the dish. And when used in fine capacities, that dish can be beautifully brought to the next level!

Prego Truffle-3

Special serving of Cream cheese infused with Truffle

Prego Truffle-4


Prego Truffle-5

As a cheese lover, the Tomino alla Griglia, Insalata di Indivia con Tartufo Bianco (Grilled Tomino Cheese, Endive Salad, White Truffle ; $38) stood out as one of the highlights of the day. Fresh cheese made with a mix of goat’s and cow’s milk, the tomino cheese went beautifully scented with truffle that merged its delicate yet complex flavours into a savoury and heartwarming twist. Have it on its own, or with some bread. This will make you happy.

Prego Truffle-6

The Tartare di Manzo, Acciughe, Uova di Quaglia, Tartufo Bianco (Angus Beef Tartar, Anchovy, Quail Egg, White Truffle ; $40) received a thumbs up for me with its savoury flavours of beefy crisp meat, savoury anchovy and creamy quail egg on a diced, olive base. The flavours of freshness in this dish is almost impeccable, and charming to say the least.

Prego Truffle-9

One dish that I will recommend is the Polenta Bianca, Foie Gras, Funghi, Tartufo Bianco (White Polenta, Roasted Foie Gras, Wild Mushroom, White Truffle; $36). Foie gras is lovingly seared to a crisp fragrance. Couple that with creamy and slightly nutty polenta together with the mildly intense yet earthy truffle, and what you will get is a collage of grounded meaty flavours with that trickle of fat by the side that is almost mind blowing. Worth every calorie? Yes!

Prego Truffle-10

The Risotto al Tartufo Bianco (White Truffle Risotto) was a favourite round the table for its simplicity just done right. The creamy and slightly al-dante rice was heartwarming.

Prego Truffle-12

My penchant for dumplings/ravioli/anything that can be wrapped and served with an explosion of flavours, leads me to recommend the Uova da Raviolo (Spinach, Parmesan, Ricotta Ravioli, Poached Egg, White Truffle; $38). A large ricotta ravioli is stuffed with savoury green spinach, parmesan cheese, poached egg and truffle shavings all about. Importantly, relish in the sauce by the side for a perfect sweet complement to the dish.Prego Truffle-14

The main of Quaglie Ripiene di Cotechnio e Tartufo (Cotechino and Black Truffle Stuffed Whole Quail, Nebbiolo Sauce, Shaved White Truffle; $46) was good on its own with little to fault. However, once compared with the rest of the dishes served prior, this dish was a little lacklustre in flavours on the palate.

Prego Truffle-15

Guests who must have their meat can opt for the Costoletta di Vitello, Cavolo nero, Patate al Tartufo, Tartufo Bianco (Wood Oven Roasted Veal Chop, Kale, Black Truffle Potatoes, White Truffle; $48). While the veal may be the main ingredient, I thoroughly enjoyed the side of black truffle potato mash. Its one of those moments when you know a good amount of butter is briskly whipped into the potato, and then with the thought of truffle infused throughout, will simply make you crave for more.

Prego Truffle-16

For sweets to end the meal, choose the Rabarbaro in Camicia, Gelatina di Vino, Crema alla Vaniglia, Gelato al Tartufo Nero, Punti di Cacao (Poached Rhubarb, Wine Jelly, Vanilla Cream, Black Truffle, Ice Cream, Cocoa Nibs). The textures, a combination of the jelly soft, to the crisp crunch is well complemented with the tart, soury sweet rhubarb is contrasted with the sweet wine jelly and ice cream, itself infused with truffle.

Prego Truffle-17

Meringa al Tartufo Nero, Schiuma di Passion Fruit, Nocciola, Tartufo, Citrus mint Cremosi (Black Truffle, Meringue, Passion Fruit Foam, Hazelnut, Truffle Soil, Citrus Mint Cremeux; $30)

Prego’s expertise in incorporating truffle into the dishes is well exhibited in the Appetisers, select mains and the desserts. Guests who prefer a good amount of robust, savoury and umami rich flavours will find this selection of delicacies charming from start to finish. Those who wish for more fresh truffle shavings on their dishes will be able to have them at seasonal prices. The promotion runs till the end of January 2014 and FAR card members are entitled to 20% off the bill. In a mood for celebration this December period? Prego is here to celebrate with you with their deftly executed truffle cuisine.

Thank you Prego, Fairmont Singapore for the invitation

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Truffle Celebration runs from now till end January

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