PizItalia, Spicy Hot Singapore Chilli Crabs with an Italian Touch!

Travelling all the way to East Coast Seafood Centre can only mean one of a few things. Huge Crabs, Live Fish, Fresh Clams, and that coastal scenery as the ships move by. But come this year, a new restaurant has sprouted up serving a slight twist in the local seafood delight together with the flavours and culinary expertise from Italy – PizItalia.

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Serving with a tagline of “Seafood – Pizza – Pasta”, PizItalia although an Italian restaurant at heart believes it can whip up tantalizing local seafood dishes together with an assortment of Italian herbs and spices. With two dedicated kitchens behind, one for Italian cuisine and the other for the local seafood dishes, PizItalia is set to cater to a wider range of guests. Imagine having Spicy finger-licking good Chilli Crab, and finishing the meal with a sweet slightly alcoholic delight of a Tiramisu. And for the best part, the restaurant is child friendly with a dedicated shop space and staff to look after your kids as the adults tuck in to a romantic seafood dinner by the coast.


Last Saturday I arrived slightly earlier in the evening when the sun was still up. And it was a new sight for me to behold as for the past visits to the seafood centre would normally be in the evening and night.


Trees. Cyclist. People Walking.


Gastronomical Delights. Would have been even more stunning if they cropped the grass around the signboard.


Look at the ships roll by.




It possibly is hard to miss PizItalia as the restaurant boasts a very loud and clear signboard. Even if it escapes your attention, the moving “T Rex” at the entrance would probably be a clear attention grabber for young children.


For any hot day, it is perhaps best to start off with some cocktails or mocktails. The Snowy Virgin Mary ($6.80) is the restaurant’s creation of a non-alcoholic Bloody Mary. For something a little stronger, there is also the Frozen Strawberry Margarita ($9.00). Both are nice ice slushes, though the alcohol in the margarita could have been a little stronger for my liking.


For pastas, I started off with the Butter Prawn Linguine ($15.50) . Creamy, buttery with a smooth savoury texture that simply sticks to the linguine oh so well. This was a dish very well done and the soft flavours of the butter unmistakable. Pair that with the lightly seared prawns, a touch of seafood intensities are infused within. Very good portion size enough for two. An individual sitting would be ok, though there I reckon I would get a little too overindulgent of the creaminess after a while.


The Regina ($17.50) pizza comes with an assortment of tomatoes, mushrooms, and turkey ham scattered all over a pizza dough made freshly each day. It’s good, with a crust thin and crisp. The ingredients to pizza dough proportions were nicely evened out. A nice filler for parties and guests. But I would love it if there was a more robust tomato base with a crust that is slightly chewy, savoury and sweet.


Now for the creme de la creme. Italian Chilli Crabs (Market Price) are actually Singapore Chilli Crabs topped up with Italian herbs and spices. Definitely more tongue hoppingly spicy, it was a robust kick to dip into the gravy. The sauce was also nice and thick with a slightly strong garlic background, enough to slurp it up on its own.


And yes, who can forget about the deep fried man tous. I was craving for more man tous but I knew I had to stop, as desserts were up next!


To cool down the spicy flavours, there are options for non-Asian desserts. I first had the Roma New York Cheese Cake ($4.50) which look deceptively simple yet hidden beneath each layer is a creamy rich cheese interior that melted in the mouth. The topping of whipped cream fumbled as I took the pictures, though it was a nice touch.


The Tiramisu by the Glass ($5.50) was a simple delight yet not being overtly sweet in flavour. A slight infusion of alcohol likeness was noted, but not enough to give the dessert a kick. Still, I have to give credit for the smooth and fluffy textures.


Winemarket (also by PizItalia) offers a selection of corkages to go with your Chilli Crab or Pasta.




Me with Chef Michael and Chef Soon

Dining at PizItalia is definitely different from indulging in the old time favourites of Jumbo, No Signboard Seafood, and Redhouse. There is an element of laidback casualness which lingers about the restaurant which I think is very attractive, though there are still some starting kinks to be worked and ironed out. And especially with a range of Italian dishes in addition to the local seafood delights, the menu choice for everybody extends by quite a bit. PizItalia is a blend of Italy and all things Singapore, and though I just tried a few of their creations, I look forward to delve into their Pepper Crab. Who knows, it might be something beautiful especially with that range of Italian herbs and spices?

Thank you PizItalia for the invitation.

East Coast Seafood Centre
1204 East Coast Parkway
Singapore 449882

Opens From :
5pm – Midnight on weekdays
12pm – Midnight on weekends

Contact : 6445 8554

Website : www.pizitalia.sg