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Sauteed Prawn with Wasabi Sauce

After last night’s food tasting session at Cafe Oliv, I felt that it was time to tickle my tastebuds on something more contemporary Asian. Browsing through Citibank’s Gourmet Guide, it was decided that lunch would take place at the exquisite Chinese restaurant, Peach Garden @ 33.


Double Boiled Melon Soup 

Located amidst the towering skyscrapers in the Central Business District of Singapore within OCBC centre on the 33rd floor, Peach Garden promises a fine and breathtaking view of Singapore’s waterfront and memories.


I was strongly recommended to partake in the restaurants Nai Huang Bao (Steamed Salted Yolk Custard Bun). For $4.20, three buns will arrive warm and plain looking but bursting with a generous amount of blended salted egg yolk with runny custard. If you are not careful, your first bite will leave you will a explosive drizzle of filling down your shirt.


These Salted Yolk Custard Buns are definitely some of the best I have tasted. A decent, adequate amount of salted egg yolk is mixed together with the custard, leaving an almost savoury sweet yet satisfying taste. Excellent. For the record, after the lunch my mum ordered 21 buns to take away!


For an appetizer, I was recommend the Roasted Pork Cubes ($8). Expect an extremely crispy golden brown skin that leaves a resounding crunch and firm bite that is delectable and pleasing to both the stomach and ears. Unfortunately, my portion carried a slightly strong porky flavour and there was an absence of the smoky aroma that I look forward so much to in delicately roasted belly pork.


Steamed Siew Mai with Phoenix Prawns ($4.80)

When I woke up this morning, I craved for dumplings. And when I am hungry for dumplings, dumplings I will have! Fortunately, I managed to get my fix with Peach Garden’s juicy dian xin. For the Siew Mai, it was crunchy and tasty with a double portion of prawns in both the stuffing and the topping. It was on the border between just right and a tad dry. Not too salty but also not an entirely delicate portion.


Steamed Shanghai Xiao Long Bao served on spoons ($3.90)

Perhaps I took a little time in snapping the photos for the Xiao Long Bao as my portion had its skin feeling a little dry and rubbery. The portion of savoury gravy within was also minimal but that is compensated with a generous meaty stuffing. It went well with the gingered vinegar dip and overall it is good.


Phoenix Claws – What a nice name for Chicken Backscratchers =)

Those who demand Braised Chicken Feat in your Dim Sum menu will be happy to know that it is served at Peach Garden on request. I felt that these were very good as the chicken feat were steamed to a jelly like consistency in a tempting and mouthwatering spicy black bean sauce. A melt in the mouth sensation that demands to be ordered.


Deep Fried Vietnam Spring Roll

The Deep Fried Vietnam Spring Roll ($3.90) revealed a savoury vegetable filling that called for attention when it complements the flaky silky crispy skin. Crunchy, crisp and surprisingly not oily it goes very well au nature. Though a dollop of mayonnaise might be in order.


Sauteed Prawns in Wasabi Sauce. Refreshing taste goes with the watermelon!

Now for something more exquisite that demands a colourful salute. The Sauteed Prawns in Wasabi and Salted Egg Yolk Sauce it definitely a crowd pleaser. Huge prawns that underwent a deep frying treatment for that crisp texture is coated with a mild creamy blend of wasabi sauce. Place delicately on a carved circled watermelon, the taste becomes balanced in a line of freshness and savouriness, portraying a refreshing outlook.


The dish I called for was the sampling portion of both the wasabi and salted egg yolk versions. A full platter of either comes at $22. For the Sauteed Prawns with Salted Egg Yolk, I must say that it surprised me. Only a mild hint of salted egg yolk can be tasted throughout and even with its creamy texture, the watermelon wetness somehow overpowered the overall heartiness. My marks go to the wasabi variant in this case.


I was impressed with the Double Boiled Melon Soup. There was a clear hearty broth with a savoury meat and seafood infused stock. The sweetness of the old cucumber blends in very well, giving a sense of warmth and clarity to the mind.


 headlogostarJ2K3 Award Winner : Deep Fried Fillet of Sea Perch with Plum Sauce ($12)

 star star star star star

I will give top marks for this dish and it will be my must try when I go to Peach Garden. The mild flavour of perch was crisp and delightful complementing well with the topping of diced tangy mango and tart strawberry. Together with the drizzle of freshly made plum sauce, a final touch was given to the dish in that delicate hint of sourness and sweetness, revealing the overall burst of freshness in the fish.


Double Boiled Shark Bone’s Cartilage Soup

The Double Boiled Shark’s Bone Cartilage Soup was creamy and thick with a rich savoury sea aroma. Reminiscent of a warm slightly oily yet refreshing seasonal taste, it is hearty with an infusion of generous amount of collagen from the cartilage.


Braised Homemade Beancurd with Fresh Crab and Spinach ($6 individual portion)

This is also a dish worthy of recognition. The homemade beancurd is so infused with that musky smoky aroma that seconds would be demanded. While it may seem like a little small in portion size, I still feel that it is adequately priced for its freshness, tastiness and fine presentation. The sweet taste of the crab with the firm spinach complements the light savoury sauce very well when paired with the silky smooth tofu. Excellent.


Fried Rice with Crab Meat, Egg White and Dried Scallop ($18)

Salty waft of fragrant rice permeates the air, with grains so fluffy that leaves a resounding warm aftertaste. The diced leek adds a firm bite and though it was a tad oily for me, it was still good. Sadly, I found a piece of crab shell in mine and it could do with a sprinkle of salt.


Chilled Black Glutinous Rice with Ice Cream in Young Coconut ($6.50)

Dessert time! And through recommendation, two coconut desserts were ordered.  I enjoyed the Chilled Black Glutinous Rice with Ice Cream in Young Coconut as it was sweet cool with a clear sensation. Very nice and the creamy milky taste of coconut was a plus point!


 Chilled Jelly Royale with Julienne in Young Coconut

Those who go for jelly in their desserts should go for this. Made with Jelly Ro
yale in a firm Ice Jelly mix, the taste was slightly sweet with the hint of honey and good flavour of crisp coconut. Nice, cool, refreshing.


Peach Gardens on its 33rd floor has seats by the window with a breathtaking view. Especially so in its private rooms which can hold up to six tables and a private lounge, expect the scenery of Singapore only seen from an eagle eye’s view.


When it comes to food, Peach Garden @ 33 offers an exquisite, fine fare of contemporary Cantonese infused cuisine. Individual portions of delicate quality are prominent here and service from the staff is both warm and inviting.

I was fortunate to meet the two lady bosses Angela and Veronica today and from my conversation, they are ones who will go to lengths in order to get that excellent bowl of authentic chendol and recreate it back in their restaurants to share with everyone.

Peach Garden : A Fine Exquisite yet Casual Dining Experience.

IMG_1830 Peach Garden @ 33
The Executives Club
65 Chulia Street
#33-01 OCBC Centre
Tel : 6535 7833


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