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I sense a trend brewing, and it comes in one of fruity flavours or even velvety texture. Checkered and dotted with sparks of creativity, each creation is a masterpiece. Be it with chopped nuts or pocky sticks, or even wafers plus berries, the excitement to build your own cake is simply fascinating.  

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Yesterday, I went to the Hotel Re! at Chin Swee Road to partake in an exclusive bloggers’ preview of cakes from Patite Patisserie. Initially, my first impression from the invite was a tasting session where indulgent delights await to be recommended.  There were a series of cakes laid out before us and as usual from any blogger invite, everyone started snapping away with flashes here and there. Imagine a catwalk in Paris, its almost the same except the models are stationary and edible.

Taste wise, the 3 different cakes fair decently in the arena for sweet tooths and dessert cravers. The sponges are delicately soft and slightly moist. The mousse within each layer is not too sweet yet creamy enough for a somewhat explosive burst in each bite. 

The chocolate dream was simply a deep chocolate cake with a slightly more velvety texture.

But the Strawberry Delight was a blast for me, sour blast that is.

Out of the three varieties, my thumbs up will go to the Mango Madness for its fruity, slightly sweet, tart and refreshing flavour.

After trying out the 3 different kinds of cakes available, Mango Madness, Chocolate Dream and Strawberry Delight, I was not expecting anything more. And then the emcee stood up again

It was our turn to create our own design of cakes! Ooo..something more than a food tasting sesion.

Mum decided to think simple yet with her berry crazed nature, she went around “koping” all the strawberries and blackberries on the table and started laying them in a circular fashion on her Mango Madness cake. The colour was refreshing and very very appealing. Less than a minute job, all that was needed was a final touch of glaze to the top.

I didn’t want too much hassle so I just grabbed a Strawberry Delight and approached it with a minimalist stance. A few vibrant fruits here and there contrasting with the strawberry base and topped with a wafer stick plus a chocolate and nut coated biscuit, it was done. Oh yeah, that little cow with his milk bottle (an edible sugar creature), was the final touch.

The usual gang of food bloggers were there as well although half the function room were people I have never met before.

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Daniel and friend from Memoirs of Food with their creation of Strawberries, Oreo, and Chocolate Rice Mango Madness.

IMG_9005 IMG_9010 

  Phoebe and Chloe from The Food Chapter and their harvest creation.

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Elaine from Divine Essentials with her very own Chocolate Dream with sponge fingers and berries.



I personally found the decoration of cakes to be very engaging and fun filled entertainment activity for anyone. Its ideal for parties, or even simple friendly competitions to see who creates the most decorative cake. The basic cakes without any decorations go for $16 (promotional offer) $24 each and are available in Medi-ya at Liang Court and online at Berries and decorations are all separate, but that’s the fun part right!

For more details of Patite Patisserie, do visit their website at

Many thanks to Celena Ho from Oasis Communications for inviting me to this Exclusive Bloggers’ Preview.