Partake In That Meltworthy Sweet Crumbly Chinese Sausage

DSCF8025-1 Hiang Lee Chicken Rice
#01-159 Boon Lay Food Village
(Take Bus 246 from Lakeside MRT)
Tel : 62655337

Satisfy your craving for that serving of luscious Roast Pork or Sweet Crumbly Chinese Sausages at Hiang Lee


Zhong Xian, Kenny and Zhi Chiaw recommended me this little hawker stall operating in the suburbs of Boon Lay which sells excellent traditional Chinese roast, braised, preserved and boiled meats. Essentially the all-in-one stall dangling roast pork, char siew, roast duck, braised duck, roasted chicken, white chicken, preserved pork slices and dried Chinese sausages. Not entirely a typical stall commodity I have encountered in Singapore.

I seldom visit the area of Boon Lay or generally the Western part of Singapore, so this shall be my inaugural post towards my own journey to the west. I have this inkling feeling I might visit Kushin-bo at Jurong Point in a couple of weeks to come (encountered their supposedly sumptuous buffet, so who knows? =)


Straight on to the food, I enjoyed the dried Chinese sausages the most out of the platterful of meats I was presented with. There were huge and made those sold at the bak-kwa stalls look a little miserable. A mixture of textures and flavours were apparent in the sausages.

There was a good part of it with a fatty texture and in overall the burst of flavours were quite sweet. Though I discerned a tad hint of a little too much salt, it was still acceptable. The best part was that the sausage stuffing were really crumbly. A unique experience!


The Roast Pork was quite good as well. Mildly smoky in aroma, it was not overpowering and neither was it too salty or savoury. A good and substantial layer of fat stood between the crispy skin and tender meat, giving a balanced chew throughout.


Another favourite which stood out for me! The Char Siew was smooth and fatty with it being a tad too sweet because of the sauce ladled over. However, more importantly it was not dry like those lean and mean char siew made for (forgive me) the health conscious. Certain edges of the meat were also slightly charred, allowing a delightful bite and added flavour to each piece.


The white chicken was not too bad, though I felt it was a little average. Tender yes, but a little dry for me.


The chicken rice proved itself to be slightly fragrant and fluffy, giving a savoury and satisfactory aftertaste. The oiliness of each grain was a plus point as well.


Prices for each dish with rice is typically within the range of $2-$3. Standard hawker fare price but for a delicious meal, I say its well worth it. Though one thing is for sure, you must try the dried Chinese sausages. I simply insist.
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After that sumptuous meal, we went to Jurong Point. Can you imagine after all these years I have not actually been there! Like a Captain through unchartered territory, I feel like Christopher Columbus discovering the gold in foreign lands.


Bought yoghurt from the Yoghurt Place. They were having a promotion of buy the first large at $4.80 and get the 2nd one at $2.80. So Kenny and I shared the price into two. Quite good as you get to select three flavours. I chose berry, berry and au nature! While Mr. Godzilla himself had something in the areas of healthy oats (who in the world eats healthy oats in a yoghurt!) and some other healthy stuff.



Also had the XXL Chicken Cutlet as a snack. Quite nice for $3.50 and once again even though such stalls have been scattered throughout Singapore, I was only willing to part with my dough only today. I owe it to the inspiration of new discoveries, so I GAVE in.


Now I have to run again. What has this morning’s 10km run done for me?

Oh yeah, negating whatever I am going to eat. Call it a healthy dose of keeping fit…