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Han Restaurant Odeon Towers Launches New Kansai-style Oden Kaiseki Delights!

Comfort food Oden is taken to a new level at Han Restaurant, Odeon Towers. In this special introduction, Han’s Executive Chef Arakwa Seiichiro will present the Oden Kaiseki course for $160++ per person, featuring a range of appetizers, sashimi, oden, kushikatsu, grilled food and dessert. Guests looking for a complete Oden experience can also choose the Oden Omakase Menu at $120++ a person. The question then is, how can Oden – a common street and bar food – be elevated to fine dining proportions?  […]

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Embrace Japan’s Largest Wetland and Robatayaki at Kushiro!

The town of Kushiro is perhaps most famous for its massive wetland that lies just north of the city. Kushiro Shitsugen Wetland is the largest wetland in Japan, designated as a National Natural Monument in 1967. It was once part of the sea but after the waters receded, peat started piling up on residue lake: forming the current wetland’s structure that is rich in biodiversity. Brian and I started our exploration early in the morning by hopping onto a bus that took us past Kushiro’s suburbs and right out of town. […]

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Sheraton Towers Singapore Li Bai Presents 2 New Rice Dumplings For This Year’s Dragon Boat Festival!

Steamed Abalone and Pumpkin Rice dumpling

For this year’s Dragon Boat festival, Li Bai at the Sheraton Towers Singapore will be presenting a selection of four savoury dumplings to savour. Each rice dumpling, designed by Executive Chef Chung Yiu Ming, is crafted to encompass a wholesome Cantonese meal in a single bundle. In addition, two new creations adorn the lineup – the Multigrain rice dumpling with Beef and the Black Glutinous Rice Dumpling with Pig’s Trotter.  […]

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Escape to the Karuizawa Prince Hotels and Resorts For A Classy Getaway Near Nature!

For the second half of my trip, I made my way off Hokkaido onto the main Japan island of Honshu. After journeying via Shinkansen through Aomori, Morioka, Sendai and a pit stop at Tokyo, I took a short escape to Karuizawa in the Nagano prefecture to soak in some nature at the Prince Hotels and Resorts. Karuizawa is an upscale resort town located at the foot of Mount Asama. With the resort situated about 1000 metres above sea level, my stay there was pleasantly delightful as Tokyo welcomed a much warmer and drier weather. Access to the resort town is also relatively easy from Tokyo as the Hokuriku Shinkansen that services the town completes the entire journey in slightly under 90 minutes. The resort is a popular place to be at as various outdoor activities are made available throughout the year. From tennis, hiking, cycling, golf to even skiing and ice skating, this is the destination for those wanting a trip to Japan but also to escape to a refined solace and some classy ambience. […]

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Changi Airport DFS Duplex Store: A New Wine & Liquor Retail Experience!

Earlier this month, DFS Singapore opened its brand new Wine & Liquor Duplex Store at Changi Airport’s Terminal 3. Not only is it the world’s largest in-airport wine and liquor store, it also happens to be the first double storey one. On this day, we (TK and I) were invited by DFS Singapore and the Changi Airport Group for a first glimpse at this new concept store.


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Relax with a new brunch menu at Chillax Cafe, Serangoon Gardens!

My last visit to Chillax Cafe was a good 2 and a half years ago. As I remember vividly, Chillax carried memorable items such as the  Wagyu Beef Rosti, the Portobello Fries and a good ol’ fashion Carbonara. Most recently, Chillax Cafe owner Darren Wee has decided to refresh his menu lineup, bringing together […]

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Welcome to Kushiro! The Town of Mist, Katte-Don and Quietness!

When Brian and I thought up this trip’s itinerary to Japan, we wanted to go a little off the regular cities to visit. Hence, with the benefit of a 2 week long Japan Rail Pass (unlimited Bullet Train and JR travels), we ventured towards Hokkaido’s far eastern shores – stumbling unto the misty port town […]

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