Outback Steakhouse. Millenia Walk. No Rules, All Juicy And Nice.


The motto here is “Live Adventurous. Go Outback.” For a first timer visiting Outback Steakhouse, I guess that would be my first step into the themed rustic down under. BK, Travis, Navin and me met up for lunch, and although we had planned to munch our way through at Katong or Joo Chiat, we somehow found ourselves at Millenia Walk. For me, I have passed by Outback Steakhouse a couple of times and though I have never stepped in, the restaurant looked filled each time.

Brown, Woody with a slightly dimmed brown light to emphasize that “outdoor” experience in the comforts of a shopping mall, Outback Steakhouse scores for its thematic propped setting. But for the food, ah let me describe what we had.

For the starters at the table, we were presented with a toasty warm whole loaf of bread with a serving of soft butter. Nice. Very Nice.

As a precourse to the meal, I thought it would be fitting to order a serving of Aussie Cheese Fries ($13.90) for all to share. The picture in the menu looked very tempting and the description was oh so fascinating. Aussie Chips topped with Moneterey Jack and Cheddar cheeses and bacon, served with spicy ranch dressing. Yes, we had chips with cheese and bits of bacon but I would hardly be impressed with a somewhat limited serving of the toppings. The cheese was also a little overdone with it being slightly browned rather then melted to form that lovely stick viscous feeling as you enjoy each piece. The chips were decent and chunky, and while I may enjoy the slightly burnt and dried out edges, my buddies still preferred the fries to be a bit more moist, and cheesy

Travis had The Mad Max ($18.90). Looks very nice with a huge serving of sides, I would say the burger looked very tempting. Now if they only remembered to cook the meat well-done and to remove the pickles as requested, that would have been even better. Though I have to add that the manager was kind to take the plate back to the kitchen, thoroughly cook the patty and served with another batch of fries and coleslaw. 

Navin had the Fish ‘N’ Chips ($19.90). Two huge pieces of battered fish with a coating of breadcrumbs were served on a bed of fries. Navin couldn’t finish so I did the honour for him. The fish was nicely done with the meat being moist and juicy while the coat remained crisp, with a very good bite. IMG_1370

BK himself has the 1/2 Ribs – Barbie ($20.90). It looked good when served but the portion was a little small with more bone than meat.  Ok but not fabulous. 


I have been through all my friends courses and for me, the No Rules Burger ($20.90) was probably the best. The burger was huge, and as I bit into it, the sloppy juices smeared all over my hands. The meat patty was medium rare as requested and though a little salty, I felt it was a good combination with the toasted buns, bacon, sauces and mushroom. Though the menu claimed there was a blue cheese sauce, if there were any, I would have preferred a more pungent taste. Thumbs up for this!

Outback Steakhouse on the whole gives a very cozy and comfortable setting to wine and dine. While the food generally may have some hits and misses, it would probably not be an issue if you know which favourites or red meats to order. The price of each dish is slightly above average and probably for that authentic outback taste and theme. For that down under experience with a whole lot of fries, Outback Steakhouse would be a restaurant to consider.

Outback Steakhouse Singapore
9 Raffles Boulevard
#01-99 Time2 @Millenia Walk