Osteria Mozza Celebrates Sundays with a Bellini Brunch!

Sometimes after a long week at work, waking up lazily on a late Sunday morning is the best thing to do. After a good stretch and a relaxing read of the morning papers, it would be almost perfect to tuck into a good hearty serving of brunch and enjoying the rest of the afternoon in the sun or browsing the shops. And if there is a crave for good food, good wine and a snazzy cozy ambience to think about, Osteria Mozza at Marina Bay Sands is now adding on to their Italian-American fare the Bellini Brunch Menu every Sunday from 12-2pm.


The delectable Sunday Bellini brunch menu is a take on the Sunday Champagne brunch dishes from Los Angeles’s “Queen of Brunch” – Nancy Silverton, who is also co-owner with Celebrity Chef Mario Batali of Osteria and Pizzeria Mozza.

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With brunch starting from $45++ (for an assortment of pastries and selection of one main), simply add another $50 for free flow of Bellini – White Peach & Proseco, Blood Orange & Proseco or just crisp clear glasses of Torresella Prosecco NV itself. And if you are one to go for a whip up of cocktails, there is the chilly and spicy Bloody Mary to indulge in as you gaze at the streams of shoppers out of the checkered windows.


Guests keen on Sunday brunch start off their meal with an assortment of freshly prepared pastries for the day. My portion was a serving of Brown Butter Tart, Sugar Roll, and a Banana Walnut Cake. The tart was excellently crumbly with a sweet tangy berry filling. For the sugar roll, it was chewy with a sticky caramelized consistency, and the cinnamon fragrance is subtle and delicate – easy on the palate. For the banana cake, there was lively flavours throughout with a contrast of nutty textures here and there!


Bloody Mary ($18) with Salame Garnish – I had mine with extra chilli for that supreme kick as a perk me up in the morning!

5 dishes from the brunch menu are featured in this write up, and portion sizes are smaller for this media tasting session.


Smoked Sea Trout Cakes Benedict is an excellent wholesome combination in both flavour and impactful colours. The sauce hollandaise is tart with a smooth fragrance, complementing the poached egg. Once the fork and knife goes further through, the sea trout cake reveals itself in a firm slightly crumbly texture yet with an intensity of delectable sea saltiness that livens that entire dish’s composition.


White Peach & Prosecco ( $18)


For something a little more unique, the Baked Eggs with Tripe alla Parmigiana could be a consideration. Tripe as a breakfast dish would not normally be a standard consideration for me, but having it at Mozza is a new revelation. The tripe is cooked in a combination of vanilla extra and honeycomb, simmered with tomato, then topped with parmesan. Chewy yet tender, this dish becomes a contrast of texture when taking the roasted garlic sea salt bread to dip in the umami gravy and runny baked yolks. Heartwarming and comforting.


Nancy Silverton’s popular Soft Scrambled Eggs (add $10) is now specially available on the brunch menu. Crafted with creme fraiche, served on long-cooked greens and topped with Sturia caviar, this is simplicity at its best. The smooth creamy runniess of the scrambled egg reminds me of an extremely delicate omellete that is perfect on crisp toast. The salty bright juicy combination of caviar popping in contrast is beautiful harmony, accelerating the dish to another level in both presentation and flavour. Fantastique!


Ah, but for something hearty and filling, there is the Grilled Chopped Wagyu Beef Costrone (add $10). Upon serve, the most distinctive fragrance of the peppercorn sauce and fried egg would filled the immediate atmosphere. Well tenderized with a good infusion of flavours, this was a thorough dish to finish. A little salty though.


Ramos Gin Fizz – Gin, Cream, Lemon, Soda, Fior d’arancia ($18)


The last dish for the day I tried that can be selected for the brunch is the Roasted Pork Alla Toscana. The pork is extremely tender with a slight gamey perk me up flavour, its skin crackling and once again with the poached egg to smother all over. Comfort food in decadent portions.


Off the brunch selection, guests can also enjoy side dishes to complement the meal. I tried the White Asparagus with sauce Hollandaise ($15) and found them clear and crisp, with the tangy creamy sauce adding robust colour and flavour to subtly flavoured spears.


One side dish that I must really recommend is the Maple Sage Sausage ($15). Sweet syrup is infused and glazed on a juicy and well strung sage spiced sausage. Each portion was a treat by itself, over and over and over again.


But of course, for those who really insist of the traditional pancakes, there is the Blueberry Ricotta Pancakes with Lemon Mascarpone Cream ($14) to settle the day. Three golden yellow pieces, slightly fluffy and sprinkled with a handful of icing sugar, the pancakes go very well with the thick, chunky and tangy lemon mascarpone cream – twisting the sweet flavours here and there!


Me and Executive Chef David of Osteria & Pizzeria Mozza Singapore



Sunday brunch at Osteria Mozza is a real treat for yourself with these creations from Silverton. Pairing the pastries and a selection of a main from the 9 dishes available with a glass of Bellini is an ideal way to begin the day, followed by a good dose of shopping along The Shoppes. The Wagyu, while good and intense was a little too strong flavoured for my liking. However, I highly recommend the Scrambled Eggs for its complex textures and surprising simple flavours that left me very impressed. Add on a Maple Sage Sausage to complete the meal, I loved it and am sure you will too! (if you have a penchant for marriages of sweet and savoury)

Thank you Marina Bay Sands for the invitation

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Brunch : 12pm to 2pm on Sundays
Dinner : 5pm to 11pm Daily
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The Bellini brunch starts from $45++ and comes with an assortment of pastries and a selection of one main.