Olio Cafe, Serving You That Warmed Portobello Salad


I initially wanted to visit Olio Cafe just so that I could try out their pasta. Being on the Pasta Craze hyper moment for the past 3 weeks where every weekend during my bookouts I would cook pasta for almost every dinner, I was interested in finding out what other combinations I could use. And I didn’t want the traditional, sincerely traditional way of splurging on with the tomato puree, I wanted something delicate and fine – like the Streaky Bacon Aglio that I ordered.

Perhaps the most memorable moment in Olio Cafe @ Marina Square would be the comfy seats where literally anyone could easily fall into a peaceful afternoon siesta after a good meal of salad and tea.

Though I wanted pasta, the name “Warmed Portobello Mushroom Salad” caught my attention. Being the naturally decisive person that I think I am, I ordered both without hesitation. After all, this was an adventure of food. And the verdict?….

The Warmed Portobello Mushroom Salad with Infused Feta, Beetroot Confit and Sun Dried Tomatoes won my tastebuds hands down.

The choice of portobello gave the salad a more rounder and earthier texture and flavour, the beetroot confit its crisp and slightly sweet slices and the sun dried tomatoes, the ultimate umami tastiness to the entire dish itself. Chunks of feta were generously portioned out and its creamy slightly nutty flavour paired with the earthy mushrooms was an excellent combination in enhancing the natural delights.  $10.90 for a portion that was very good.

Though I have to comment that the piece of mushroom on the top “fell” off its tower initially and I had to be courteous enough to raise it back to its throne.

For the Streaky Bacon Aglio, I have to admit that the bacon gave a slight acid sharp taste to the spaghetti. It could be your preference, but I reasoned that with bacon, the pasta should carry a smoky presence and not a tart bland combination. The lifesaver in the dish would be the diced tomatoes as a full range of flavours from sour to sweet could be tasted. I would have loved the addition of more garlic stir fried to fragrant and the olive oil a tad more. After all, this is Olio’s Aglio. $13.90 for a portion.

Olio Cafe leaves three words in my mind. Comfy, Comfy, Comfy. Though I suspect the greatest condition would be if you get those enormous cushion soft coffee sofa. The copious spread on the menu is also another reason to visit the place. And if it were me, I would make a beeline for the salads. Anticipating what to have next.

Olio Cafe, its a treat to have a double O.

IMG_6111-1 Olio Cafe
Marina Square
6 Raffles Boulevard
Tel : 6336 5859

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