Oei Pie Kia! Kua Si Mi?


Pielicious – Jackfruit and Dragonfruit Pie Kia

Pie Kia – the new kid on the block in the world of pie & pastry shops. While the name sounds akin to that of the Hokkien term "Pai Kia" (Gangster), don’t be fooled by the play on the name, as this is seriously one outlet not to be messed with =)

The stall features a wide array of common pies like mushroom chicken and beef to the more creative specialities such as the Jackfruit and Dragonfruit pie. It is a treat to see something fresh on the block apart from the traditional homely outlets of Polar Express Cafe.


Get up close and personal with this fruity pie

The Jackfruit and Dragonfruit pie is just as the name suggest, simply jackfruit and dragonfruit. I won’t say that its entirely fantastic as its just sweetened fruit toppings on a square piece of puff pastry.

Still, it may be that I am just not a fan of fruit pies, though I would still prefer more toppings and perhaps some filling to go along with it. Other than that, a simple sweet pastry that is nothing to extraordinary to rave about.

Rating for Jackfruit and Dragonfruit Pie Kia : 2.5/5 


Lookie lookie – The Black Pepper Chicken

When it comes to me, I really have to favour meat pies over any other variants. I just can’t resist that delectable savoury meat filling that stands in compliment to the crispy crusty puff pastry.


Black Pepper Chicken Pie – Not too hot, but good!

The Black Pepper Chicken Pie proves its worth to be one item not to miss on the menu. Its filling is well mixed, tasty and savoury, though it only came with a tinge of black pepper heat. A meat pie that you might call for seconds!

However, it would be best if there really was a little bit more meat in the filling. I practically tasted potatoes and mushrooms.

Rating for Black Pepper Chicken Pie : 3.5/5


The Beef Pie

I reckon that this must be the most popular on the menu, if I were to base the number of pies left for each variety. This was the last beef pie. Shaped a little taller than the Black Pepper Chicken Pie, I expected much from it.


Beef Pie – A stew in one.

If you are a fan of beef stews, you might want to try out this selection. There is a generous amount of filling for a pie this size, but the taste leaves much to be desired. The filling tasted rather bland, and it was not creamy or ‘firm’ enough.

Though, tf I were the chef, perhaps I would provide little cubes of beef, together with diced tomatoes, potatoes, mushrooms and carrots together with an ample amount of thick gravy as filling for the pie. Perhaps you might to consider that Pie Kia?

However, it is not a pie that leaves one to feel disappointed. Though you will still be eating 60% puff pastry, 40% meat filling.

Rating : 3/5


Golden Brown? Call me the mushroom chicken!

The last pie review today…awww. I believe for me the mushroom chicken pie was one of the best pies out of the 4 reviewed.


The filling was savoury, creamy and tasty. It leaves a lingering taste of goodness in your mouth and makes you crave for even more. I don’t know how they did it, but this is really good. The taste is slightly sweet and with the pastry crust, this pie proves to be the best out of the 4.

Rating for Mushroom Chicken Pie : 4/5

Overall Comments :

Pie Kia is an excellent pastry shop to visit if you are those who have the craving for pies. While it is not comparable to the traditional western pie shops in Europe where they are famed for mouthwatering juicy meat and savoury pies, Pie Kia provides an excellent tea time snack.

Average Cost of a pie : $1.50 – $4.00 (Depending on type chosen)

Outlet : Ang Mo Kio Hub, Next to Ang Mo Kio MRT Station (Obviously there are plenty of outlets out there which I may not know of.)