NYDC Celebrates 17th Anniversary With More Than 20 Dishes!!


NYDC in its celebration of its 17th anniversary surely knows how to do so with a bang, a premium launch of more than 20 new food items on top of its existing menu. Available now till early next year, guests can look forward to these tantalizing treats. Also, in light of Halloween that is making its way on the 31st, a line up of promotions with prizes for USS tickets to the Halloween Horror event and nydc vouchers are up for grabs. Sweetening the visit even further =D


The nydc Bugis outlet is partitioned into two areas. The more casual setting accommodates more seats but the other section of the restaurant saw a cozy themed area of a homely living room. With a mock fireplace, pigs riding corns and motorbikes, the zaniness of nydc is upped by a notch.


Pig riding corn. I wonder where he got his license.


Pig riding motorbike. Now this is such a collectible.

IMG_9694 IMG_9695

nydc is traditionally a dessert centric restaurant well known for its iconic mudpies and cheesecakes. In addition to the sweet stuff, there is however also a selection of comfort mains such as baked rice, pastas and pizzas. Whichever you do choose, I think its best to end off with a slice of cake or two. Though I highly recommend everyone to share as the portions are quite big and really good.


Dinner started off with entrees of Skinny Dip Chips ($13.50). Warm tortilla chips served alongside bowls of spiced chilli beef, blue cheese and the house’s special artichoke blend. I really enjoyed the blue cheese dip as its pungent aroma was simply too good to be missed. Couple that flavour with the one from the spiced chilli beef, and what you get is a wholesome all in your mouth combination of sweet spicy savoury salty sensations. Tortilla chips aside, the dips were really good. The artichoke blend however was not entirely to my liking as it didn’t carry the punch I was looking for and was a bit of a mis match with the blue cheese and spiced chilli beef. Then again, the dips are meant to cater to different taste buds.


I move on to the Picasso Pizza ($8.95) where guests are given the free hand to design their own custom pizza with toppings. I opted for the hard to go wrong selection – the garlic mayo, although personally I think the Blue cheese base would be an exciting presentation. Choose 3 toppings from a selection of beef pastrami, beef and pork meatballs, button mushrooms, cajun chicken cubes, fresh shrimp, pineapple cubes, pork ham, pork sausages, capisicum and onions. The crust was thin and crisp with full emphasis to the toppings. Nicely done here.


Memorable drinks for the night include the Shake Affogato Shake ($9.80). A thick mix of vanilla, espresso and a shot of baileys make up this creamy delight. Add more shots of baileys at $3 each. Just don’t get drunk. Though I hardly think you will.


The other favourite drink was the Berry Freezy ($6.80). Nothing excessively prepared, just a selection of fresh mixed berries, real lemonade and soda. I personally enjoy drinks that are refreshing and not too heavy, and this really hit the note for me. Until I found out about the Raspberry Tremble to come later. Fizzy, the sweetness and tartness a nice balance, this is good to the last sip.


For a dish to get drunk with, nydc gets inspiration from what I presume is a cool dish of drunken prawns. Except this time round it is a smorgasbord of tiger prawns, dory fillet, clams and shell pasta, spiked with the sensational heat of tequila. I called for 3 shots (yes 3 shots) although I must say that the cooking process gently erases any strong traces. Get the Drunken Masta’ (Sober-$16.80/Drunk-$18.80/K.O.-$20.80) for 1 shot, 2 shots and 3 shots respectively.

The prawns were huge and good, and the side of garlic bread goes very well with the saucy tomato rich dip. The pasta not too bad, with the clams rather passive. The dip is the highlight for the dish as it is rich in umami flavours and a lasting tantalizing sea sweetness not to be missed. One hardly notices the tequilla until someone really gets drunk. (ok I’m kidding)


I implore you. Order this. The Raspberry Tremble ($6.80) in all its tangy notes and fizziness, is a refreshing delight altogether. Not all will appreciate though as it might be too light for some. But hey, I thought it was good, and hopefully you will too =D


For those looking for a lighter dish to indulge in (of course with a little whisky soaked grapes), there is the Waldorf with a hic ($10.80) to get. Waldorf salad in all its light heartedness gets a snazzy touch. Nothing too fancy here. But excellent after all the heaviness.


The Romeo & Juliet ($11.90) promises to not end in an epic love tragedy. This favourite brought back specially for the occasion comes with smoked crispy bacon stirred with tender sweet corn and hot herbed rice, lastly topped with garlic mayonnaise and melted mozzarella. Heavy but comforting. No tears though.


I was a little confused when this dish first came. I thought it was a bacon wrapped chicken dish, then I bit into bacon wrapped bratwurst sausages. Lo and behold, it’s both! The Yankee’s in Town ($14.80) is a duo of hot sauce roasted chicken wrapped in bacon and more bacon wrapped garlic bratwurst sausages. Talk about heavy meatiness. I thought the sauce was a little too salty for the dish.


For something a little lighter and not too intense as a main, you could choose the Gold Fish from the regular menu. Salmon, coated with garlic crumbs and then oven baked to perfection (or at least a certain degree of perfection as the skin was just too hard to break through), this was a beautiful dish well flavoured all over.


What is nydc without desserts? For the special promotion, nydc is presenting 12 exciting desserts for guests to try. I personally felt that a couple with my favourites, but hey the rest of the pictures are here for you to crave over.

I’m Goin’ Bananas ($11.80)


3-Some ($11.80) was one favourite strawberry rich dessert that simply begs to be shared. Nevermind the cheeky name, but the important part here is the rich triple layer of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, strawberry ice cream and strawberry cheesecake ice cream compressed in one slice with graham crackers. Simply exciting and sweet all over, yet refreshing with each bite. I loved this dessert to the last sip.


A Coffee Affair ($11.80) comes with Dark Coffee and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream with espresso fudge chips topped with cornflakes that turned slightly soggy (which then reminded me of banana slices). Sometimes I wonder about what my tastebuds tell me. Anyways, the coffee inspired cake was decently done with the scent of the occasional freshly roasted beans and more.


Bring Me To The Dark Side ($11.80) – Darth Vader’s pick for chocolate indulgence. Marshmallows and almond flakes between layers of chocolate ice cream and fudge.


Sealed with a Kiss ($11.80)


Foreground: Englishman in New York ($6.80) – I thought this dessert was weird and strangely misplaced. It seemed like an Englishman with his penchant for tea trying to fit into American cheese cake society. But then again, that’s what the name says.

Middle: A Passion For Cheesecake ($6.80) – Exciting name with an exciting description of When Passions Collide. Not so exciting flavours and the layered textures just didn’t gel for me.


Sometimes all it takes is a good traditional cheesecake infused with simple fruity flavours such as this serving of Mango Mayhem ($6.80). Nothing too excessive with the fresh sprightly flavours and sweetness of mango permeating through the light cheesecake, this was a very nicely done dessert.


XOXO ($11.80) – I saw the name and immediate Gossip Girls popped into my head.


Raisin’ A Ruckus ($6.80) – Raisins in rum and baked into a simple cheesecake. Nothing too fancy here.


Sourpuss on the Loose ($5.80) reminded me strongly of the Lemon Curd dessert available at Shangri-La and the Lemon Meringue Tart from Obolo. Fresh lemon curd encased in a sugar crusted tart creates a “sweet irony” that I thought could be better done without the textures and flavours of the tart. But then again, it is a nice presentation that leaves a lasting impression of tangy sweetness.


Brian, Desiree, Jieqi, Me


The memorable dishes for the night were definitely highlights like the Skinny Dip Chips and the Waldorf Salad. Not too heavy with portions enough to share with everybody. For desserts, I really liked the 3-Some and Mango Mayhem for its fruity flavours and tantalizing chilly sensations. The dishes, although not all extravagantly wow were quaint and unique for the casual setting nydc positions itself with. Sharing is definitely on the minds here with many dishes created to pass around the table. And with more than 20 dishes on the promotional menu in addition to the existing a la carte selection, I think all guests will be spoilt for choice this festive season. Although I think one might just choose to indulge in a little XOXO with a side of Raspberry Tremble as he sets his resolution to start exercising tomorrow.

Thank you nydc for the invitation

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