Nokkemori That Just Looks So Good


I have always walked past Sushi Tei without stepping into it. Somehow, its zen like entrance located right outside the busy foodcourt at Raffles City Shopping Center made the entire ambience mystical. And opportunity came at the right time when I was by myself after the Marina Bay Sands Gourmet Summit. Maybe Sushi Tei would be good? And what about its value for money factor? I was eager to explore.

My first order was Nokkemori ($18). An array of 4 pairs of cucumber sushi makis with premium toppings of Scallop, Sea Urchin, Salmon Roe, and Minced Tuna. They were very generous with the topping of salmon roe that almost half the amount spilled over onto the plate. The sea urchin was also crisp and slightly sweet though not as creamy as i expected. When it comes to the scallop, the flavour was rather clear, too clear actually, to the extent that I felt it was almost tasteless. Tuna was good and I enjoyed it with naturally, though I have to admit that it was a little metallic cold in taste.

I half expected I wouldn’t be full from the Nokkemori so I also ordered a serving of Irodori Chirashi Don ($18) but by the time it came, I was nearly stuffed. (Must be a positive sign of me controlling my diet maybe?) But the colours on the don looked so beautiful that it was a tummy tempter. The large amaebi were decent with the meat being crisp and full robust flavour remained in the heads. Nice.

Sashimi itself was nothing much to wow about except that all were good with a crisp clear aftertaste. Yet, while I praise the topping, I felt the rice was lacking in vinegar for this dish. For such a raw combination, perhaps a little more acidity could be added and in retrospect, the serving of rice was quite large. Good effort, though I wished they wouldn’t skimp on the Tamago.


I actually ordered a serving of Maguro Natto ($4.50) as an appetizer (for they labelled it as appetizer in the menu), but it was the last dish to come. Taste was rather mild, and lacking in the pugency of the natto which I so endeavoured. Still, it would be an interesting conversation starter at any table.

When it comes to the ambience, it was actually a stark contrast to what I expected. From its classy exterior, the setting within was quite noisy with the chats from the wait staff being a little too apparent. Other than that, Sushi Tei passes off easily as a restaurant serving Japanese food and decent quality ingredients to boot. Though I might not want to label it as comfort food yet.

sushitei Sushi Tei
252 North Bridge Road
#03-13 Raffles City Shopping Centre

Tel : 6334 7887
Opens Daily : 11.30am – 9.30pm

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