New Healthy Cantonese Masterpieces at Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant!


New and healthy Cantonese masterpieces are on the menu at Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant at the Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel. Crafted by Executive Chinese Chef Brian Wong Shiuh Yean, these new dishes aim to recreate familiar and comforting tastes yet refined with the use of premium, nutrient rich ingredients topped with a touch of modernity. With less sugar, oil, salt and seasonings to be a staple in this refreshed menu, there is a certain appeal for the healthy-eating millennial. While it was a delicious meal overall, there were some hits and misses as both chef and diner had to balance expectations of what defines robustly flavoured Cantonese cuisine.


Although it may seem a little ironic for a healthy recreation, the appetizer which appealed to me most was the Deep-fried Mango Roll ($5 for two pieces). Unabashedly deep fried to a crisp, I thoroughly enjoyed the deep, satisfying crunch complemented with the savoury sweet mango tucked within slices of prawn. The mango rolls were not oily and were fragrant to the bite. I highly recommended ordering this dish the next time round at Wan Hao.

And to complement the dim sum crave, opt for the Baked Crispy Honey-Glazed Pork Puff with Black Pepper Sauce ($5 for two pieces) to tuck in to that robust well-spiced meat or the Steamed Crystal Skin Vegetarian Dumpling ($4 for two pieces) to add a little veggie into your diet.


For an opulent and nutritious dish, go for the Bird’s Nest Dumpling in Superior Sauce ($28++ per portion). A giant dumpling stuffed with scallops, prawns and conpoy is served alongside a heap of nourishing Bird’s Nest in a collagen rich, thick broth that is umami and savoury. It would have been a very, very delightful dish but the portion was served to me lukewarm and that detracted from the intended full experience and flavour.


Pumpkin Butter sauce is not new on the scene, but I must admit that when paired with the ever crispy deep-fried Prawns cooked up by Chef Brian, they become a heavenly combination. The prawns are perfectly cooked to a crisp golden brown and later lathered on with a sweet savoury pumpkin butter sauce that to some might even resemble a healthier option from the famed salted-egg yolk dish. Available at $35++ per portion, these Deep-fried Prawns in Pumpkin Butter Sauce are a must order.


The Wok-fried Beef Fillet with Angelica & Chinese Yam ($32++ per portion) clearly meets the new menu’s theme with the use of Chinese herbs and ingredients. The choice of Hua Diao wine brought out a sweet aroma from the beef, and the use of Angelica adds to the dish’s ability to nourish the blood, invigorate blood circulation and strength the heart. A great choice for mums and dads.


The Wok-fried Wanton Noodles with Live Lobster in Superior Stock ($38 per portion) would not be a dish for my tastebuds. It was clean, and one could taste the delicate nutty sweetness of lobster. However, as an overall portion, the flavours was too thinly spread and the noodles a touch too dry.


My favourite dish for the night had to go to the Chilled Double-boiled Peach Resin with Red Dates ($16++ per portion). It was my first time having peach resin and I would describe its texture close to jelly. A great use as a dessert and I marvelled at the gelatinous texture and combination with the broth’s sweet flavour. The peach resin is common in Chinese medicine and is said to relieve stress, helps nourish one’s “yin” energy and provides moisture to organs and activates blood circulation.

I enjoyed the dishes that Chef Brian whipped up but I must say that not all were to my liking. Though the idea of eating healthier (and more nutritious) is definitely an appeal, I’d still prefer my Cantonese cuisine to be robustly flavoured. That said, this is an excellent option to “cleanse” my tastebuds once in a while.

Thank you Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel for the invitation.

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