Nasi Biryani Dum Mutton – Excellent Excellent!


Its amazing how some people travel for food. I live in the North, and I went all the way to Arab Street today just to quell that crave for Nasi Biryani Dum Mutton. Consider it an annual tradition that my Uncle Cubby who came down from Ireland must have his plate of Nasi Biryani at Islamic Restaurant, and believe me its the first time I tried this version along North Bridge Road.

Just imagine tempting fluffy biryani with a delicate flavoursome taste that only calls for a nice firm bite. Pair that with a good sized piece of tender mutton braised in an all too tasty rempah and then cooked with the rice. Fantastic!

J2K3 Award Winner : Mutton Biryani



And while an excellent serving of biryani is served up, I am most impressed by the decor and layout of the quaint restaurant. Numerous black and white photographs fill the walls, indicative of the long history and tradition in Biryani which Islamic Restaurant has.

An old film projector stands out prominently at the entrance, only to remind visitors of its heritage. Perhaps the restaurant has done it right, as I feel that the food served up is really one with a history, passed within the family.


I just feel that the Biryani here is just right. Not too strong in its saffron taste, yet with a delicate handful of spices smothered within. And once it goes with the tender mutton, perfecto! This is one time which I truly enjoyed the rempahed mutton. There is essentially little ‘aroma’ but instead brimming with a well rounded flavour. For $6, why not?


So much so, each person ordered an extra serving of mutton for themselves. A big piece on the bone and a good ladleful of gravy all over. The rempah is excellently thick, savoury and well spiced. Though it is a little salty, the rice covers it well. The dish is hot, but that hot will make you want more.


If you insist that your Biryani goes with bowl of dalcha, you’ll get it. Not too thick in both texture and flavour, it comes with a decent amount of vegetables to lighten the overall feel of the main dish.


Naan Badam (Self Raising Flour Dough Bread, sprinkled with flaked almonds and baked in a tandoor)

I enjoyed the Naan Badam which I ordered. It was served up crisp, slightly crunchy and wholesome. The sprinkle of salt added a good combination in flavours. Naan is meant to be eaten warm, for that lovely fuzzy feeling.


Lahsuni Naan

Both Uncle Cubby and Dad had the Lahsuni Naan (Garlic Naan). The flavour of garlic is very mild and light. Good when hot but it could do with a bit more flavour. I still prefer the Naan Badam.


As a thirst quencher, I gave in to the Mango Lassi. Not two days ago, I had the sweet lassi at The Prata Place. The Mango Lassi here carries a mild fruity aroma and it is definitely sweet, cool and refreshing. Now, if the price for a drink wasn’t so steep at $4.50


Islamic Restaurant serves up one of the better Nasi Biryanis around Singapore. And streams of people keep going in to order takeaway, not one or two packets, but boxes of it. I even saw a huge gallon bag of dalcha being ordered (now what if that bag bursts on the road). An excellent environment that compels one to be at ease and enjoy the food in the moments of memories.

IMG_2977 Islamic
745, North Bridge Road
Tel : 6296 1161

Very good mutton biryani that will draw people from far and wide.

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