My Quest For Hakka Delicacies. Any Recommendations?


Hakka Abacus Seeds

I always felt that Hakka cuisine tended to be more on the healthy side haha judging by the lack of ‘taste’ I tasted in this particular food court’s dish, I thought even more so too.

Well, the Hakka Abacus Seeds (looks like the abacus seeds from a real abacus, hence the name) is said to bring about fortune and prosperity. I expected the dish to be crunchy and savoury with a little meat inside, but lo and behold it was soft and mushy. The chopped olives (I presume) added a tinge of savoury flavour to the seeds but apart from that, it was ok for me.


Hakka Eight Treasures

Now, as supposedly one of the main highlights of the traditional cuisine, the Hakka Eight Treasures really stands for its name in simplicity. Nothing too elaborate but the delicate natural flavour of the food. There is a meatball, beancurd with meat stuffing, mushroom with stuffing, bean sauce and a fried beancurd skin.

Still, I am looking for true authentic Hakka food, so any good place to recommend?

Deep down, my stomach is grumbling for the taste of tradition.

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