MUNCH, A Salad Bar of Tasty Proportions!

munchIn the very heart of the newly built Marina Bay Link Mall connecting from Raffles Place MRT Station and under the Marina Bay Financial Centre, a familiar Salad bar and cafe has taken root. Expanded from the original outlet at Robinson Road, the shoppe features a menu which is fresh, clean, and very, very tasty.


Usually, the most basic salad I will think of is one of Alfalfa sprouts, a sprinkle of salt and a drizzle of olive oil. But with 21 different varieties served tonight and with 60 types usually up for grabs, my world of salads has without doubt, opened. The new Munch outlet also goes beyond the little veggie world tossed with mayo and sliced chicken, there is also water broiled roast chicken and salmon or dory fillet available.


I was visually impressed by the variety presented before me that I seriously had trouble choosing what I wanted. I craved for pasta, salad eggs, beans, tomatoes, sprouts, spinach, pumpkin, olives, more pasta, potatoes and fruits. Its not good to be in this predicament especially if one has little time to spare for lunch.


And the broiled meats looked very good, especially the chicken. My fingers were crossed hoping the aunty would give me the beautifully browned chicken which looked very tempting.


For tonight’s tasting and party, I went for the Hot Plate of Roast Chicken + 2 Salads ($11.50). Juicy, tender, with a skin so crisp it was memorable, I have to admit that this was very good. If consistency remained, ah it would be perfect.

IMG_3404 IMG_3402

For my sides of salad, I had the Cherry Tomatoes. Crisp and fresh, little seasoning was used but essential in bringing out the tart sweet flavours of the cherry tomatoes. IMG_3401

The Spinach with Pumpkin Salad was an eye opener for me. Both in colour and the brief method of cooking which retained the flavour, texture and vibrancy. The choice selection of sides tonight was without doubt very good as the flavours melded wonderfully with the chicken.

The dishes are bountiful on the menu, and I have only tried one. But it has left me impressed.

I am now a Salad-tarian Convert.

This was an invited session by MUNCH Saladsmith.

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