Morganfield’s – Get That Crave for Succulent Sticky Bones!


The Star Vista, newly opened next to Buona Vista MRT Station, is probably the next best place for residents around the area to dine at. With a myriad of restaurant choices to go for, including a nifty Cold Storage located at the basement, the mall adds to the nearby dining and shopping options at Rochester Park and Holland Village. And prominently located on the 2nd floor is one restaurant set to offer the choicest and stickiest all-American barbecue pork ribs for diners to get their fingers messy with. Tasty? Yes, it definitely is!


Three specialties of Hickory Wood-Smoked Ribs



Wines are available on the menu as well!


Probably the best thing to start off dinner is a ice cold glass of Ice Cold Lemonade ($6.90). Made with a whole half lemon, with extra lemon juice freshly squeezed within and topped with the essence of lemon-lime and sparkling soda, the lemonade was the perfect remedy to a hot day. Sweet and tangy with the cool fizz from the soda, this was luxurious in every sip.


Appetizers to start off with? One choice would be the Sauteed Mushrooms ($9.90). King mushrooms are sliced into chunky pieces and then sauteed slowly over an open fire in simmering merlot butter. Finally topped with grated parmesan cheese, this was simple indulgence. Butter, mushrooms and garlic? Perfect combination.


For something a little more carbo-heavy, there is the Russet Potato Skins ($8.90) . Skins of the potato loaded with mixed cheese, bacon bits and then baked for the golden oozy cheesy texture, these potato skins had me thinking “dang”.


The Chilli Cheese Nachos ($9.90). Most importantly is to have a good dip. Tangy, with a robust filling throughout, the dip accompanied the cheese nachos well with a crisp and smoothness in every bite. I can really imagine the intense calories at this point. Great for sharing! 


The Bacon Cocktail ($10.90) reminded me something the makers of Epicmealtime will create. Considered a traditional party snack item, chunky and tender cocktail sausages are wrapped in streaky bacon and then deep fried for that added crisp and melding of flavours. Yummy.


A staple that is more familiar, and really hits the level of comfort food is the Chilli Cheese Fries ( $12.90). Fries baked with cheese, topped with pork bacon bits and served with a side of chilli concarne. Tasty, cheesy with that extra spice in each dip.


Probably the first green dish of the day at this joint, The Caesar ($12.90) is a wonderful creation of rommaine lettuce, caesar dressing, crispy pork bacon bits, croutons and freshly grated parmesan cheese to come. Extremely creamy and tasty. I’m starting to see a clear trend in the use of bacon bits!


Specially for the night, Morganfield’s served up the Corporate Platter ($150++ for 5pax). Made customizable, the platter came with Half Slab of Hickory BBQ Sticky Bones, Half Slab of Smoked Peppercorn Sticky Bones, 1/2 Tequila Spiked Chicken, Grilled Pork Ribeye Chop, Sausage Platter, side of French Fries and 2 portions of Caesar Salads.

Definitely plenty for 5 persons to slowly enjoy their corporate meeting over.


The sticky bones are probably some of the finest pork ribs I’ve had so far. Upon serve, the sweet smoked hickory flavours is gently noticeable, and I really couldn’t wait to tuck in and get my hands messy.


But of course the dinner dynamics of the day called for the *proper use* of forks and knives. Nevertheless, still an excellent affair. The Hickory BBQ Portion (Full Slab $36.90; Half Slab $24.90) had its sauce slowly cascading down the cuts of meat, itself already well permeated with essence of smoky sweetness and hearty delights. Personally, I felt that the Smoked Peppercorn portion was my favourite as it lended that tinge of spice highly sought after in localized palates. Both are equally good creations however, and it would be best to make this the main each time you dine here.


The Tequila Spiked Chicken was really a nice serving of barbecued chicken with a slightly sweet surface and tender meats within. I didn’t really expect any distinct tequila flavours flowing through as I reckon most of it would have either disappeared throughout the cooking process. A decent rendition of the poultry dish however.

The Grilled Pork Rib-eye Chop ($22.90) appeared like a cross between a steak and a pork chop. Succulent yes, with the outer layer slightly char grilled to touches of blackened perfection.


Baked Potato with Cheese, don’t they look gorgeous.


The Sausage Platter ($22.90) is tempting on its very own. Mixed varieties from cheese to bratwurst sausages, the meaty grilled delights come with dips of garlic aioli and Dijion mustard. Can’t go wrong with sausages, they are a condensed pack of flavour in every bite.


Cookies and Cream ($5.90). Vanilla ice cream (American scoop sized) topped with whipped cream, caramel and chocolate sauce, served with a side of homemade cookie.


I’ve always had Bread pudding ($9.90) at buffets but the one served at Morganfield’s is somehow uniquely differently. With no crust, served warm, smothered with whiskey sauce and topped with a giant scoop of ice cream, this is another portion of comfort food that deserves to be slowly enjoyed. Breaking into the sides, scooping up a little of the sauce and then cutting through some ice cream to top it all off, the wonderful contrast of temperatures tinged with the touch of liquor. Beautiful.


The Home-Made Apple Pie ($9.90) need not look perfect. The cracked shell, with the heavy load of ice cream on the top drizzled in a lattice of caramel sauce made the entire dish look like something straight out of grandma’s kitchen. I enjoyed the crust, the warm textured apple pieces within, and contrasting that with the chilly ice cream on the top. A home-run if you ask me.


I though it was all over, but then the last dessert of Brownie ($12.90) came out of the kitchen. There was supposed to be a chocolate lava cake but it fell over, so no serve of it for the night. But then again, the brownie just looked too good to be eaten. I really think this picture just explains what the brownie can taste like. Stare at it for a while, close your eyes, and then imagine the flavours flowing through.



Dinner at Morganfield’s was rich in all sense. From flavours, to calories, to comforting thoughts, this is one place that focuses a lot on serving the best dishes that will strike a note close to the heart. Dishes to try will definitely be the variety of Sticky Bones and desserts to end off with will be the Apple Pie, Brownie and Bread Pudding to share. The portions are huge, with prices that are quite friendly for group gatherings. A wonderfully heavy dining experience, one that is sure to leave you walking out stuffed.

Thank you Morganfield’s for the invitation

1 Vista Exchange Green
The Star Vista
Singapore 138617
Tel: 6694 3635

Opens From
Sun – Thu : 11am to 1030pm
Fri – Sat, PH and Eve : 11am to Midnight