Mee Pok Comes Alive At Eat!

DSCF6671-1 EAT.
Stores are scattered around Singapore. I spotted two at Sun Plaza and outside Jurong Point respectively.

Chomp away at Springy delicious noodles at EAT! with a mee pok that is bound to tingle the senses 


In breaking news today, a new revival of the traditional Mee Pok has returned to Singapore. What was once the standard food fare of humble coffeeshops, food courts and hawker centres alike, has now become the centre piece of dishes in the rapidly expanding chain of outlets called “EAT.”.


Priced attractively at $3.30 for a standard bowl of Mee Pok with fishball and fishcake, a generous portion of noodles is served up. What sets this bowl apart from the rest is the traditional “secret” sauce which the outlets have put in – a.k.a I don’t know what it is. However, the resultant flavour is a tangy, savoury yet almost seductive epicurean sensation that goes well with the springy noodles that break off easily in each bite. Minute pieces of fried pork lard are also to be found in each bowl, adding that delightful crunch.

Craving that bowl of mee pok for breakfast? I had mine at 8am and the stall was well open.