McDonald’s Quarter Pounder With Cheese Is Back!


Update : You can now go to to vote for whether the burger is beefier or the cheesier . There are over 500 limited edition QPC TShirts to be won every week! So Submit your vote =)

Its back! Its bigger, meatier and juicier than the Double Cheeseburger! Its the Quarter Pounder with Cheese. It will be out at all McDonald outlets in Singapore on the 29th of April and they have it as the Normal Quarter Pounder and the Double Quarter Pounder.


And if it were me, I would settle nothing less than the Double Quarter Pounder. Somehow, the joy of sinking your teeth in two exceptionally more wholesome Mcdonald’s beef patties is fantastic. And with the Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese going for $6.10 (a la carte), I think its worth it. Unless you would rather get your value for money and buy 3 double cheese burgers instead and eat like crazy.


Snap, snap, snap. Come on QPC, do that pose! (PhotoCredit: McDonald’s)

I managed to get a sneak preview of this “Cheesy Beefiness” at the McDonald’s Quarter Pounder with Cheese Preview event held at the outlet at Keah towers. It was well received with nearly everybody eating McDonalds like they have never done before. And boy was I stuffed. Just count, 1 double quarter pounder with cheese, 1 quarter pounder with cheese, fries, coke, flurry, cinnamon melts….


Ok ok, now while that little bit of rave is over. A little word of comment for the burgers itself. It tastes very similar to the Double Cheeseburger but as I have said earlier, it is meatier and juicier. The normal Quarter Pounder with Cheese was nothing really fantastic but its bigger brother made the burger seem like a real burger with its own weight in the menu. Nothing too cheesy about it, but I suspect that too much of a good thing would mask the beefy taste.


Photo credit : McDonald’s QPC Photos on Facebook

Still, the Quarter Pounder is coming back and yes it will become part of my routine once I go to McDonalds…but not so soon in the next two months or so…boy am I stuffed with burgers already….


Me with Timeless Facade and his friends (PhotoCredit: McDonald’s)

This event was organised by GolinHarris and hosted by McDonald’s Singapore. Thank you Pamela, Yue Feng and Aloysius from GolinHarris for the invitation!