Mayim – Undescribable Chinese Cuisine In The Northern Suburbs

Ok, I know what many of you want to say. Its “Indescribable” and not “Undescribable”. I chose this word after sheer intense thought (even though it was an error I noticed after uploading the photo on facebook) as it is a word yet to be defined grammatically correct in the dictionary. Call it as you would like, but perhaps this pure coincidence is an apt representation of the Chinese cuisine I had at Northpoint, Yishun.

The variety is plentiful, and I was simply exhausted looking through the menu with each dish having a picture on its own. Dishes like the Sweet & Sour Pork with Dragonfruit simply looked too tempting, and yes the price was equally tempting as well – $8.50! Where else can you get cuisine at prices like this in Singapore, and with such a presentation? Needless to say, maybe this truly is a restaurant undefined and not simply just one with the crowd. But its this uniqueness that probably has crowds drawn back over and over again.

It is perhaps this dish that has me drawn back to Mayim for the second time after my first visit with my grandma. The Marinated Pig’s Shank with Black Vinegar & Ginger ($6.50) is labelled as an appetizer. But it definitely qualifies into my main course menu. The shank is of secondary (but still essential) importance here as my whole family gave the thumbs up to the velvety collagen rich, slightly sweet with the delectable acidity from the black vinegar sauce. Well spiced from the ginger, each sip was refreshing, savoury clear with that “mmm mmmm” expression. Of course, the pig’s shank itself is jelly soft, with the brew well simmered into the meat and fatty skin. Sinful, but definitely good. And as a traditional remedy, I heard this is also good for mothers in their confinement period.

Dad cannot do without his venison, so I ordered the Wok Fried Venison with Special Chef’s Sauce garnished with Sweet Potato ($12). The venison is without doubt tender and evenly braised with the “special chef’s sauce” though I honestly felt that the portion was a little small especially for a ‘thorough’ eater like me.

There are 6 different venison dishes though give me my Black Vinegar Pig’s Shank anyday!

For my header picture this time round, I chose to reflect the Sweet & Sour Pork Served with Dragon Fruit ($8.50). Honestly, I half expected it to really turn up with a dragonfruit casing as most food pictures in menus are for reference only. Wow-ed at first, I thought this was a very decent take on the traditional sweet & sour pork. Definitely not in the extremes of tangy acidity to bring out the intense aroma of the meat, the pork bore a nice crisp shell with a tender meaty interior and a gleaming orange red sauce. A subtle sweet & sour pork, but oh so lovely presentation.

And how can any meal be complete without vegetables. Though for once, I wanted to be daring and try something I never ordered. For the moment of impulse and after deciding between Ants on The Log and the oh so common Spiced Flavoured Egg Plant with Minced pork, I chose the Chinese Cabbage with Bean Thread, Dried Shrimp, Roasted Pork, Dried Sole Fish, Bacon, Mushroom & Yam ($10.50) I think this is what Mayim’s executive chef thought of as the all year round Pen Cai which is both affordable and to be enjoyed by all. The smorgasbord of ingredients stuffed into the pot was definitely noticed, and as with all things in a nice big pot, the essence and flavours all meld together to form a slightly salty and tasty stock.

I was quite surprised when my Jiangsu appetizer of Pan Fried Beancurd Sheets with Shredded Mushroom & Carrot ($5) was served as it as an appetizer I hardly think it should be served at the end of the meal. Maybe I was already too full to appreciate this dish, but the slightly pepperish stuffing of shredded juicy mushroom and carrots were definitely a plus to the crispy slightly gareng tau kee.


Snap, a photo of the shop’s logo.

I found Mayim to be a very “undescribable” chinese restaurant. Decent prices, quality dishes make up the menu which definitely deserves more than a mere glance. With 23 menu categories from appetizers, to soups, to vegetables, to seafood and dim sum (oh I will be back for their dim sum, it looks good on the menu too), I am definitely keen to revisit Mayim. It seems like a winning formula everytime to entice my return each time I see those food pictures. I wonder if I will get to try them all….ok lame joke (but for those of you that get it, congrats we are in the same generation-gosh!)

930 Yishun Ave 2
#02-01/5 Northpoint
Singapore 769098
Tel : 6758 3168
Opens From :
Mon to Sat 11.30am to 10pm
Sun & PH 11am to 10pm

Website :
Other outlets : West Mall